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Mother’s Day: May 14th

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. I hope you have already given thought to how you will honor the mother(s) in your life, but if not, now is the time to get those wheels turning.


Last year I put together the most awesome succulent potted arrangements for my mom. After finding these cool terracotta pots, shaped slightly different than your typical terracotta pot, at At Home store, I set off to score some succulents and cactus soil at HomeDepot.


Note: my internet research taught me that succulents will not thrive in regular potting soil – cactus soil is a must. Or you can read up on mixing your own soil that will help succulents live a long and happy life. I can’t speak a lot <or at all> to that as I used the easy route for that detail.



I was so pleased with the final product. I even considered just keeping them for myself and picking up some PJ’s for mom (but, I didn’t, because I’m a good daughter like that). Oh! And the frog just casually hangin’ off the side? Every year for the last I don’t know how many years, I’ve bought my mom some sort of <sometimes obnoxious> “plant art”. All of her potted plants inside are adorned with something like this. I picked up the frog (which I think it quite cute, actually) from Hobby Lobby. 

I also made a little plant stake, not pictured, that said “Love U” and tucked it into the smaller pot – you can read about that, and see it too, in this post. 


This year I ordered something special for my mother that hasn’t arrived yet. I’m losing confidence that it will get here in time at this point, so will end up being a belated Mother’s Day gift. Ugh. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve got a card and have planned a visit back home so I’m hoping that will suffice until this treasure arrives – and even more hopeful that when it does, it was worth the wait (you know how that sometimes goes…you order something, are excited, wait forever and it finally shows up and is a total dud?).


Any special Mother’s Day plans or gifts you care to share with our blog family? Hit us up in the comments section below.



PS – I don’t get any sort of kickback from Hobby Lobby, At Home or HomeDepot for name dropping them on my blog. They are just all stores that are my ‘go to’ when I’ve got projects in the works. And I added links to their websites on here so you can quick search if this post sparked any ideas that require investigating if these store have what you need.


A Failed Dinner & A Finished Deck

I never got around to blogging yesterday. Monday evening I’d planned to cook, snap some pictures along the way, and blog about that. Well…after flinging potatoes all over the kitchen in an attempt to mash them, then fighting with a gravy that refused to thicken I said to heck with it and went for this instead:

There’s not a lot to tell you about this one. It’s a pomegranate margarita, made from a pre-made mix. I added tequila and a squeeze of a fresh lime. Regardless, it was delicious & made my failed dinner attempt tolerable.

By the way, did you notice how cool my margarita glass is? My aunt gave ’em to me. She originally bought them for herself, soon discovered she doesn’t drink enough margaritas to justify the space they took up in her tiny kitchen, and passed them along to me. They’re fun!

This week hasn’t been a complete waste though. While I was away from blogging yesterday I was completing this project:

I can cross something off my summer to-do list!! The deck is refinished and looks marvelous!!

Want a look from another angle? Here it is:

A little pressure washing on Saturday, then a full day of staining and here we are. It’s a large deck, and the railing leaves a lot to be desired as far as refinishing goes but it’s SOOOOOO nice to have this project done!!

Still need to haul the furniture back out of the garage and on to the deck, but I finished this project just in time to leave for the weekend so….guess I’ll wait until I get back home.

How are your summer projects coming along?