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Save The Storks

Several months ago my husband and I were introduced to this amazing organization while at church on a beautiful Sunday morning: Save the Storks.

The more I learn about this organization, the more I continue to be awe-struck by the incredible work they are doing across the nation and I couldn’t resist sharing with you this morning.

Rooted in Christian principles, which are Pro-Life, their goal isn’t to force religion and shame women who find themselves in such a desperate situation that they are considering abortion. Rather, the mission is to bring resources and awareness of options (and for those who get twisted up in semantics: choice).

Save the Storks funds mobile units for pregnancy centers which are equip with pregnancy testing, and ultrasound capabilities as well as teams trained to meet women where they are (which is typically on their way into the clinic to terminate a pregnancy) providing them information and counseling on options. All free to women who dare to open their minds to alternatives and gather information so they are better able to make an informed decision.


Photo Credit: Save the Storks


Photo Credit: Save the Storks

Four of Five women who step foot on one of these mobile units will ultimately choose life for their baby. Whether that means they will raise the child themselves and call upon available resources in their community to support them along the way or consider adoption; placing their bundle of joy into the arms of another couple – possibly a couple that has been unable to have children of their own but desperate feel a calling to parenthood – these babies get the opportunity at life.

And, Save the Storks outreaches in other ways including Assure Me machines in public restrooms which include a pregnancy test at a  reduced rate than sold in stores as well as information on resources, StorkWorks Consulting which provides resources and support for pregnancy centers that have a mobile unit in operation, and Stork Coffee.

In this life, we are all called to give back to good and charitable causes:
Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act. Proverbs 3:27

As you consider where your next charitable contribution may be going, take a look at Save the Storks (click for link to webpage).  If their mission isn’t draw enough, all donations are tax deductible!