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Fresh Start

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Photo Credit: David Ammerman

It’s the songs of birds in the large tree outside that stir me awake in this early hour and beckon me out of bed. The sun just beginning its ascent brings promise of a fresh start; a chance to begin again. It will later direct our paths as it gives light to the darkness and will thaw the thin layer of frost blanketing the earth.

As the coffee begins to brew, I peer through the kitchen widow. The greenhouse sparkles with a million crystals of ice shimmering in the slowly rising sun. Tucked inside all my delicate plants are happy and content; saved from the damaging frost by the shelter literally built by love.

It is the beginning of a new day.

Seize the opportunity to drink in all that is wonderful and good, and against all that may stand in your way, make this an incredible week.



Food Prep

Food prep can mean a lot of different things. Preparing meals for the freezer, assembling complete meals to be warmed during the week, or getting a head start on week night cooking by having ingredients prepped and ready to go.

I’m not always short on time during the week but I’m often lacking in energy and motivation at the end of a work day, and something that I generally enjoy <cooking> can feel more like a chore. I work really hard to stay on a budget, which includes the purchase of groceries as well as money spent on entertainment (i.e. eating out), and I also try to eat relatively well.

There are three reasons the wheels fall off an otherwise perfect meal plan for the week:
1) not having the ingredients on hand, requiring another trip to the store (because that is unlikely to happen, I’d rather order a pizza at that point)
2) forgetting to thaw frozen items from the freezer (again with the pizza order)
3) failing to have prep work done on the front end (you guessed it, pizza!)

So, in an effort to keep us on track with both our budget and healthy eating, I spend time planning meals for the week ahead, doing all my grocery shopping in one swoop, and prepping ingredients on the weekend. In the event that these things aren’t possible over the weekend I try to have a number of options I can pull from the freezer and warm in the oven through the week. Failure to do so often means eating out and I don’t know about you, but it’s nearly impossible for me to make the healthy choice when eating out. Add to that, eating out adds up fast!!

This weekend will be no exception and I’ll be busy washing and chopping fruits and veggies after a trip to the store and pulling items from the freezer.

A bit of what is on deck for the upcoming week are a few recipes I’ve shared with you previously:
Roasted Parmesan Asparagus as a side dish to Grilled Chicken:

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon as a side dish to Pork Chops:
My favorite smoothie for a quick grab breakfast:

And, assembly of several of these salads, using this shredded chicken pulled from the freezer, for lunches through the week:

What other tips do you use to keep yourself on track with both eating well and staying on budget where food is concerned? I’d love to hear your suggestions below in the comments section!

Wishing you a fun and safe weekend!

Spring 2017


Spring is quite possibly my favorite time of the year. While I don’t appreciate the finicky weather that Colorado brings our way in the Spring (seriously, the forecast for today is sunny and eighty degrees and by Friday we are in the path of snow!), I do so love watching everything come back to life.

It renews my energy. It beckons me outdoors. The labors of love that leave me with sore muscles, perhaps the first sunburn of the season, and eventually evidence of the fruits of this labor when our kitchen is filled with delicious veggies from the garden and vases of freshly cut flowers begin to pop up all over the house.

Friends, it has been quite some time since a new post has hit my blog. Seems I write this same sort of post periodically – after I’ve gone MIA in the blog world. Here’s the ugly truth about why: allocation of too much time to things that don’t really matter. It’s a tough pill to swallow when one sits back and realizes that the best of them, both time and energy, has been given to an obligation; leaving little to nothing left over for the things that truly fuel their soul. When you fall into a rut with life…work, eat, sleep, repeat.

If you find yourself in this same situation, I encourage you to allow the newness of Spring to help you turn that around. Set better boundaries. Save some of what’s your best for whatever energizes your life and fuels your soul. I know I’m going to….

Hope to see you back here at the blog in the days that come as I share what’s going on in the garden and the kitchen, tidbits about my favorite things and stuff that blows my hair back with inspiration.


Horray For Another Award!

My blogging friend, Jodi Ambrose, has selected me to receive another award.

The Inspiring Blogger Award.

I could not be more thrilled! It’s exciting to win stuff!!

If you get a chance, check out Jodi’s blog (click here). She is so sassy, and fun, and REAL, and I think you’ll really get a kick out of her as she writes about Buzz Muff, or the way in which she confused her mother’s douche bag in the shower for a toy (as a child). I adore her.

The way a blogger accepts such an award is as follows:
1) give a shout out to the person who nominated you – see above, Jodi’s blog is awesome
2) tell your readers something about yourself – I’ll tell you 7 random things about me/my life below
3) nominate someone else for the award – it’s the award that just keeps giving (make sure you notify the person of their nomination)

7 Random Things About Me/My Life:
1) I recently got engaged, so my OCD has kicked into super over-drive.
2) With the engagement comes an eventual move and starting a new job – please note: selling my house makes me wanna cry and job searching is blah (whatever happened to the day of just submitting a resume or an application? Now you have to spend hours filling out online profiles, applications that want all the same info as your resume AND the resume has to be attached anyway?? Talk about over-kill).
3) Before my house can be sold, I have to get through my “to do” list (I blogged about this awhile back, I don’t remember what post or I’d direct you there…Maybe the one titled “Therapy House”)
4) I am a Mental Health Professional. This means no two days at the job are the same for me, and I love it!
5) My parents are still married. 30 years. I applaud them as so many marriages these days don’t go the distance.
6) My brother and I do movie lines. Through random text messages, when we are together…and we think we are hilarious. “This coke’s gone bad”, what movie is it from?? I’d love to hear who knows!
7) I like to sing and burst out at random times cuttin’ a rug. This is not to read that I am a good singer. What I mean is that instead of talking to people, sometimes I like to sing whatever I have to say at them. And the dancing, there’s no explanation other than to say that I think I got it from my dad because he feels the urge at random times also.

As for my nomination, I would like to nominate my super talented aunt, Lisa for the Inspiring Blogger Award. Check out her blog ‘A Piece of Lisa’ by clicking here.

In the future I intend to do an entire blog post about her and her work, but she deserves this award more than anyone I know.
She and I have become very close over the years and she is one of my favorite people. Add to that, she really does inspire me. I feel the need to tap into my creative side from time to time because of her. I cherish all the items in my Christmas collection that she has made. I know the struggles she has been through, and overcome. She truly is an inspiration. So, Congrats Lisa Jane!

Thank you, again, Jodi for the lovely award.

Love you all for following, commenting, liking, etc. my blog. Remember that I’m having a giveaway (read about it here) as soon as I reach 75 followers. My follower numbers are slowly increasing, but spread the word so we can get there more quickly! If you are a committed reader, but not yet following, sign up! If you’re already a follower, turn your friends on to my blog and ask them to follow. With any luck I’ll get this giveaway item out the door by Christmas time. I just know the winner will enjoy looking at this adorable cross-stitched snowman ornament (made by yours truly) on their tree!