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Horray For Another Award!

My blogging friend, Jodi Ambrose, has selected me to receive another award.

The Inspiring Blogger Award.

I could not be more thrilled! It’s exciting to win stuff!!

If you get a chance, check out Jodi’s blog (click here). She is so sassy, and fun, and REAL, and I think you’ll really get a kick out of her as she writes about Buzz Muff, or the way in which she confused her mother’s douche bag in the shower for a toy (as a child). I adore her.

The way a blogger accepts such an award is as follows:
1) give a shout out to the person who nominated you – see above, Jodi’s blog is awesome
2) tell your readers something about yourself – I’ll tell you 7 random things about me/my life below
3) nominate someone else for the award – it’s the award that just keeps giving (make sure you notify the person of their nomination)

7 Random Things About Me/My Life:
1) I recently got engaged, so my OCD has kicked into super over-drive.
2) With the engagement comes an eventual move and starting a new job – please note: selling my house makes me wanna cry and job searching is blah (whatever happened to the day of just submitting a resume or an application? Now you have to spend hours filling out online profiles, applications that want all the same info as your resume AND the resume has to be attached anyway?? Talk about over-kill).
3) Before my house can be sold, I have to get through my “to do” list (I blogged about this awhile back, I don’t remember what post or I’d direct you there…Maybe the one titled “Therapy House”)
4) I am a Mental Health Professional. This means no two days at the job are the same for me, and I love it!
5) My parents are still married. 30 years. I applaud them as so many marriages these days don’t go the distance.
6) My brother and I do movie lines. Through random text messages, when we are together…and we think we are hilarious. “This coke’s gone bad”, what movie is it from?? I’d love to hear who knows!
7) I like to sing and burst out at random times cuttin’ a rug. This is not to read that I am a good singer. What I mean is that instead of talking to people, sometimes I like to sing whatever I have to say at them. And the dancing, there’s no explanation other than to say that I think I got it from my dad because he feels the urge at random times also.

As for my nomination, I would like to nominate my super talented aunt, Lisa for the Inspiring Blogger Award. Check out her blog ‘A Piece of Lisa’ by clicking here.

In the future I intend to do an entire blog post about her and her work, but she deserves this award more than anyone I know.
She and I have become very close over the years and she is one of my favorite people. Add to that, she really does inspire me. I feel the need to tap into my creative side from time to time because of her. I cherish all the items in my Christmas collection that she has made. I know the struggles she has been through, and overcome. She truly is an inspiration. So, Congrats Lisa Jane!

Thank you, again, Jodi for the lovely award.

Love you all for following, commenting, liking, etc. my blog. Remember that I’m having a giveaway (read about it here) as soon as I reach 75 followers. My follower numbers are slowly increasing, but spread the word so we can get there more quickly! If you are a committed reader, but not yet following, sign up! If you’re already a follower, turn your friends on to my blog and ask them to follow. With any luck I’ll get this giveaway item out the door by Christmas time. I just know the winner will enjoy looking at this adorable cross-stitched snowman ornament (made by yours truly) on their tree!



An Award? I Won An Award?? I’m Speechless!!

Okay, so anyone who knows me knows this isn’t entirely true. I am rarely speechless. I nearly always have something to say.

What is true, though, is that over the weekend another amazing blogger gave me my first blogging award and I could not be more thrilled.

So…here it is, the Versatile Blogger Award:

In order to accept this award, I must give a shout out to the blogger to nominated me.
Jodi Ambrose is a let it all hang out kinda gal. I adore her sassy style, the way she calls it as she sees it, and her ability to take shots at herself for the entertainment of others. I would strongly encourage those who have a sense of humor to check her out at And those without a sense of humor, pay attention to her blog post titles, she’ll alert you if your delicate soul will be offended by something she has to say and you’ll have only yourself to blame if you read and find yourself blushing.
I remember when Jodi started following my blog. I was thrilled beyond words because she is an actual published author!! I realize she follows LOTS of blogs, but I felt honored that she saw mine and liked it enough to ‘follow’. Let’s be honest, there are so many blogs out there, who would waste time following those that are less than sub-par? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Jodi! I love having you as part of this journey, and I love ya even more for appreciating my work enough to nominate me for this award!!!

Another task for award acceptance is to tell y’all 10 things about me. I stole this list from Jodi’s blog, because narrowing down a list of 10 things was becoming difficult. So, here goes:

  1. What is a favorite childhood memory? I have so many wonderful childhood memories but the one that stands out for me this morning is the time I spent with my dad on the golf course. At the age of 4 he put a club in my hand, and we spent many a morning taking in some sunshine & fresh air. My favorite part of that memory though, is that Salted Nut Rolls & Dr. Pepper always trigger this memory for me. We used to play 9 holes, stop for this same snack every time, then he would play the last 9 and I’d drive the cart.¬† Awww…to be a child again!
  2. What is a real fear you have? I have an irrational fear of the Pillsbury Dough product containers. Every time I open one my heart rate speeds up as I’m just sure that one of these times the stupid thing is going to blow up, and blow my hand off. It’s ridiculous, but there you have it.
  3. How would you describe yourself? Independent, funny, loving, & organized.
  4. What Countries have you lived in? USA
  5. What is your style? In a perfect world I’d get to wear comfy clothes all the time. I love my yoga pants and tee shirts.
  6. What is your favorite breakfast food? I love breakfast food and cannot narrow it down to one so I’ll say I prefer salty to sweet breakfast foods (even though I’m craving a caramel roll with nuts like a mad woman right now…)
  7. What are some of your hobbies? Reading, counted cross stitch, paper crafts, gardening, working out, cooking, cleaning, golfing.
  8. If you could tell people anything, what would be the most important thing to say?Life is too short, make every moment count. Rid your life of toxic people. Say “yes” to things because you want to, not because you feel obligated to. Don’t wait for exciting things to happen in your life; waiting = losing, go make it happen for yourself. Control what you can control, try to let the other stuff go. Find something positive in every yucky situation, the silver lining is always there, even if we have to dig for it. Ask for help when you need it; there’s no need to struggle through life alone.
    (apparently I had several important things to say. I actually have more, but I’ll stop here).
  9. What is one of your passions? I believe everyone has the right to a happy, healthy life. I am passionate about helping them find the way, or clear the hurdles in front of them, so that happy & healthy can be their reality.
  10. What is the one truth you have learned? You never know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have.

My final task for accepting this award is to nominate another blog for the same award.
So, my nomination goes to Pillows A La Mode. Check her out by clicking here. This wonderful blog offers all sorts of creative suggestions for DIY and other crafty projects and I just love seeing what she’s been up to and hope to, eventually, try some of her projects myself!

Thanks again, Jodi, for this beautiful award and to all my readers. I Love, Love, Love you all!!