Discerning The Voice of God: Chapter 6


Six chapters in – are you feeling the Holy Spirit stirring within? Are you noticing His voice interjecting among the chaos of your life? Are you finding yourself taking more intentional pauses and quieting yourself so you can hear from him?

I am.

And, just when I think this book can’t possibly have another valuable nugget, I turn the pages through the next chapter and there they are!

How blessed are we that God has forgiven us of our sins and remembers them no more once they have been confessed and repented of?

How incredible that His guidance comes wrapped in love (rather than riddled with guilt, shame and anxiety) AND he will connect with each of us in a personal way? One that we can hear, that matches our individual circumstances and aligns with His unique plan for our lives.

And, when we follow his voice we can move forward with confidence regarding the decisions we make?!?!

Oh, and quiet possibly my personal favorite: we aren’t going to get it right ALL the time, and regardless, He will use whatever way we might mess up for ultimate good. He will blaze a trail back over to the right path!!

Having faith means pushing forward without seeing what’s ahead, trusting that each step of the way will be met with a foothold, keeping us safe! Believing without seeing.

Any thoughts on your journey of spiritual growth? I’d love to hear from you – chime-in in the comments section below.

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Love and blessings to you all on this beautiful Wednesday morning!




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