Dresser Makeover

Right after the first of the year, J asked me what I thought should be our next ‘big’ project on the house. There’s a long list of many things to choose from, and I spent some time thinking on this when it occurred to me: we need to FINISH all the projects that are already started. You know, all those little finishing details that sometimes go by the wayside – and then you realize it’s been years. Things that will add up in both time and money, and that linger on the ‘to do list’.

We’ve worked our way through this house scraping popcorn ceilings and painting walls. And while these aren’t big ticket home update items, they are very messy and time consuming (especially scraping popcorn ceilings). By the time the paint is dry and the mess is completely cleaned up, I’m usually somewhat worn out on the project. Add to that the excruciating amount of time it takes me to make a decision about decor details anyway (window treatments, wall decor, etc.) and it seems that I never quite get a project FULLY done.

So, committing to FINISHING some projects around this house, I started in the master bedroom this weekend (which was ceiling scraped and painted back in Oct 2014 – lame – I know)  and wanted to share with you one element of final details (other details on the finishing touches/projects later)…this dresser makeover.

This dresser has been in my family since my dad was a kid. When we cleaned out my grandmother’s house, I salvaged it from the garage sale. It’s not a fancy piece, and it’s had a dozen coats of different paint over the years (I added another in 2009, along with new drawer pulls, pictured below), but I love the clean lines and ability to take this old, yet still functional, piece of furniture and turn it into something modern and eye catching.


To tackle a project like this you will need the following:
-Sanding materials (electric hand sander, sandpaper, block sander, liquid sander — your choice, I used an electric hand sander)
-Wood filler (if there are any holes or dings in the furniture that need filled)
-Damp rag
-Polyurethane finish
-Paint brushes
-Optional: New drawer pulls

Getting started you will want to lightly  sand the piece of furniture; anywhere you intend to paint. This helps your new paint stick. Fill any holes or dings in the furniture with wood filler. If you are changing out the drawer pulls, determine if the existing holes will suffice for the new hardware. If you will need to drill new holes – the old ones need to be filled at this point.


Once sanded and holes have been filled, wipe down with a damp rag to remove all dust.

Then, prime the furniture. I used 2 coats since I was going from a dark to light color, but also because I wanted to be sure the new paint color would remain ‘true’ without influence from the previous dark paint.


Next, add your paint. I did 2 coats of this as well. Use your judgment as to how many coats you will need following examination of the paint after it’s dried.

Finally, after the paint has completely dried, add a coat of polyurethane to seal the piece. If you want to do more than 1 coat of poly, follow instructions on the can.

I added 6 new drawer pulls, found on sale at Hobby Lobby, just to change up the look a touch more.


In total, this transformation cost me $51. I had to buy the paint (1 quart = $13), new paint brushes ($15), and the drawer pulls ($23). On hand I had the dresser, sanding materials, primer, wood filler, polyurethane, and the lower drawer pulls were re-used from the last makeover.

Not to shabby when the alternative could have been buying a new dresser for hundreds of dollars!image
And, I LOVE the finished product! It’s just what our master bedroom needed — a statement piece in a bright color!

Happy Monday!






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