I love to garden. Veggies and flowers. We own a beautiful home with a gorgeous yard…lots of areas to plant, not to mention my sizeable veggie garden. In an effort to save money, several years ago I vowed to spend more money up front and put lots of perennials in the ground. The idea was that over the years our yard would be stunning and it would cost less an less.

Clearly that plan was a bust because each year, regardless of the perennial plan, I end up forking over lots of money for plants anyway. Annuals mostly.

There are just too many annuals to love <and buy>. And, I live in Colorado so there isn’t a veggie plant to survive our winter.

So this last year I came up with a new plan. I determined to start lots of my own little seedlings. I got excited flipping the pages of seed company catalogs — you have no idea (or maybe you do, how do I know what you know?) what sorts of wonderful and unique plants exist out there that you don’t usually find at your local nursery…or, I don’t find them at my local nursery anyway.

I launched into this project with enthusiasm and determination. I carefully selected many varieties of unique plants, researched the cheapest resouces to purchase, waited for sales and free shipping offers. I researched and read about starting seeds indoors and bought the recommended eqiupment (after shopping for the best deals, of course). I planned which seeds would need to be started at what time, since they all have different ‘time to bloom’ timelines. And then I waited…and waited…and waited…(I was way ahead of planting timelines).

Finally, the weekend arrived when the first seeds needed to make their way into moist soil and be nurtured with just the right amount of moisture, light and heat. Suddenly, my excitment faded into something different…anxiousness. You see, I rock the world of outdoor gardening. I can totally handle the uncontrollable elements outside the walls of my house. BUT, I have NEVER been successful growing plants from seeds in the controlled environment that exists within the confines of my own home. And here I am, in all my arrogance, with a full on seedling project planned. Yikes!

So, here’s what I do know:
1) I have only minor expertise of how to make this happen, thanks to the internet, not based on any of my own successful experience (as there has been none)
2) If I hadn’t already spent the money, I might have talked myself out of this project all together. But, since that ship has sailed, I’m diving in with moderate confidence.
3) I’m going to take you on this journey with me,via Simply Eclectic.
4) This project could be a total flop OR maybe I’ll find my new calling, quit my job, and open a nursery….(long shot, but hey, a girl can dream!).

Stay tuned…more to come on the specific details of this project…

Hope your weekend was relaxing and rejuvenating!





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