Shannon Quintana

Shannon Quintana is a contemporary Christian musician, and she is my new, most favorite, artist. I had the pleasure of experiencing her music for the first time, live, as she led worship at a women’s retreat I attended several weeks ago. She is incredible. And adorable. And her music…it’s real and gorgeous and…I could go on and on…

I returned home from this retreat craving more and immediately downloaded her album “We Come”. You can sample this, as well as her other album “Start Where You Are”, on her website And while you’re there, check our her blog.

Oh, and to show you how adorable she is, I hijacked these photos from her website:
Shannon Quintana

In an effort to share the love, SimplyEclecticLife is hosting a giveaway…an iTunes giftcard so you can  download your very own copy of one of her albums!

To enter you must….
1. like this post – on the blog
2. follow the blog – if you aren’t already following, it’s simple, just enter your email address in the box on the top, right of your screen, and click “follow”
3. post a comment – maybe visit Shannon’s website, sample her music, then tell me all about how much you wanna win becuase you just can’t get enough!

Here’s the deal – there must be a minimum of 10 people entered in the drawing, otherwise we’ll postpone for another time – so spread the news. Entry deadline is next Saturday evening, and I will draw for the winner on Sunday, October 18th, 2015.

I hope you are having a most fabulous Sunday and that your week ahead is nothin’ but wonderful-


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