Toying With The Idea….

It’s been nearly two years since Simply Eclectic Life saw a new post.

I wish I had some amazing story to account for my 2 year hiatus. That I could tell you I went off the grid and got back to basics. Or that I was volunteering my time in a third world country and had no access to internet. Or that I was backpacking through Europe and forgot my iPad charger in the States (yes, backpacking, for two years, and couldn’t locate a charger anywhere).

There isn’t an amazing story to account for my time away. Truth told, life got busy and I felt I had to choose. There wasn’t enough energy and brain power to accomplish it all and something had to give.

But then…the most amazing thing happened…Facebook started showing me the “this day in history” stuff from my posts and it alerted me to the fact that this blog, sitting lonely and neglected, is still here. Just waiting to be revived. And it couldn’t have come at a better time because just recently I had a very serious discussion with myself — about needing to find balance. Too much of my time, energy and brain power is being sucked away by the things I have to do. It’s time to re-channel some of that time, energy and brain power to things I WANT to do.

So…I’m toying with the idea. The idea of breathing new life back into this blog. To engage in, and share with you, some of the simple things that bring me the most joy in life.

Also, this little cutie made an appearance in my garden this weekend and I just couldn’t resist sharing:

My blog account tells me that I’ve still got some followers out there…are you still out there? If so, drop me a line – it’s been nearly two years, I’d love to hear from you!



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