More Gardening Success

I’ve had many gardens. Each year I learn something new. Each year is better than the one before.

This year was an experiment with the new climate, change in length of growing season, etc. and just when I about dubbed it the least successful of all gardens to date, something wonderful happened….


I have tired several times to grow sweet corn. Each time without much success.  My prior attempts were all in Nebraska, and always ended with the same problem…wind!

The wind would blow the corn stalks over, pinching them near the bottom, cutting off their ability to produce to their full potential (even after standing them back up and staking them so as not to be blown over again). As a result I ended up with very small, very sad cobs of corn.

When I planted the garden this year I thought, “what the heck, I should just give it another go”. And, despite my neighbor trying to discourage me and dampen my spirits (“this isn’t the corn state, you know, we’ve tried, you won’t be able to grow corn here”) I have managed to grow beautiful, delicious sweet corn!!

What’s your favorite of the garden’s gifts?

I do believe Fall weather is upon us and the garden will soon be wrapping up for the season. I think this was the fastest summer of my life!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend and will see you back here next week.


One response to “More Gardening Success

  • Marian

    The best gift from a garden, hands down,is corn. There is hardly a food more delicious than very fresh sweet corn. I am salivating at the picture alone. That would be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner today! Nice growing!!

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