Garden Check-In

Hard to believe that we are in to our second week of Sept, and that Fall is fast approaching.

I know, I shudder at the thought myself. Can we rewind to July 1st please??

How are things going in your garden?


My gardening experience this year is bitter sweet. I’m thrilled with the production that has kept us eating fresh and healthy for a while now.


I am disappointed, though, that we aren’t getting enough at one time to ‘put up’ for winter eats. Next year I will need to tackle in a whole different way.


I may be headed to the Farmers Market one weekend soon to stock up on tomatoes. I just don’t know if I can stomach NOT making that delicious homemade pasta sauce I experimented with…and loved…last year.

For now I will be overly thankful for what we’ve gotten…but I’m curious to know…how are your gardens coming along? How do they compare to past years?


3 responses to “Garden Check-In

  • Marian

    OMG those pictures are pure art! I can SMELL those fresh tomatoes. You could supply some snazzy farm to table restaurant with high end produce! Well done Hilary!!! Gorgeous and looks DELICIOUS!!

  • Cayla

    I need your tips!! My garden was a sad experiment, but at least I learned. I FINALLY got a tomato last week and have a few more on their way, but it has been rough! Georgia clay isn’t conducive to growing in the soil, so I had to do a raise bed. My layout was terrible, which I learned later. However, thankfully, Georgia won’t freeze until late December so I’m about to plant fall crops and thinking about a green house… Any ideas?

    • simplyeclecticlife

      What was wrong with your layout?
      I think a greenhouse would be a fabulous idea. Even though it won’t freeze until Dec will your days still get shorter? If so, addition of some plant lights will be helpful, otherwise your plants will slow way down anyway. They need about 12-13 hours of good sunlight a day. I would also suggest a space heater if temps are going to drop in the evening/nighttime. Even if it’s not freezing, plants don’t love cold weather.
      Do you have ideas for the greenhouse structure yet? I need to start getting ideas in mind for mine so when next spring rolls around the planning is done and the building can begin.

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