Wedding Details: Reception Decor

I grew up in a small town. The same small town where the wedding was held. In this small town there are few places to hold a wedding reception, and only one if you are planning on more than 80-100 people…a metal building at the fair grounds.

This didn’t deter us from hosting an elegant affair! Let me tell you a little story about how a metal building gets transformed into a gorgeous reception hall.

Actually, how about I let the pictures speak for themselves…

This is what we began working with. A simple metal building (and a trailer full of supplies):

Building Before

Here’s what we ended up with:


It took a team of us 38+ hours, over not quite 3 days, to pull this together. Pretty impressive, huh?

This is what’s possible when you have an idea in your head, you put a plan together, and have a wonderful team of family and friends who can execute.

A night which will not be forgotten is an understatement.

Hope you all have a fabulous week – Happy Monday!


6 responses to “Wedding Details: Reception Decor

  • Lisa A.

    I’m still pretty impressed by how well we pulled that off! It was simply beautiful and well worth the effort….even though I had 3 weeks of physical therapy for my back afterwards! LOL! I would do it again in a heartbeat.

    BTW—where did you get those ‘after’ pictures? I never got those shots. I guess maybe they were on the disc from Nancy?

    It was an awesome day and I am so glad to have played a part in creating it!


    • simplyeclecticlife

      We are quite an impressive bunch, that’s for sure! Haha. I’m so glad you were able to play such a huge role in my special day; I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! I don’t know why my projects almost kill you – I guess I won’t invite you to any house renovation projects – at least for another year or so!
      LOVE YOU!

  • Things i love.....

    Wow what a transformation… looks magical 🙂

    • simplyeclecticlife

      It WAS so magical. People who live in this town and have seen that building serving it’s many purposes (including LOTS of wedding receptions) were blown away by what we had done. That building hasn’t EVER looked like that — months later they’re still talking about it. We set the bar high, for sure, and it was SOOOO worth it!

  • Marian

    This was the perfect example of proving anything is possible when you dream big and get after it! You guys did THE most amazing job of transforming a space I’ve ever seen! I’m so thankful I saw it with my own eyes! It’s was absolutely amazing!!!

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