2013 Garden

Hard to believe that it’s August already and I have yet to share my 2013 garden with you.

Of course, I gave updates as we were ‘prepping’ the garden in the Spring . It was QUITE a process.

After we ran all the dirt through a screen to remove the rocks, we added a truckload of compost and tilled everything in real well. Then, I got to planting.

Here’s a look at the garden, taken a week or so ago:


Isn’t it the most amazing space?? AND there’s a drip system for the garden that runs off our sprinkler system. Hello being able to leave town and not have to worry about having someone come over to water!!

So…the garden breakdown is as follows:
Tomatoes (8 plants)
Broccoli (4 plants)
Sweet Corn (1 row)
Green Bell Pepper (2 plants)
Red Bell Pepper (1 plant)
Mystery Pepper  – Complements of J, I have no idea what it is (1 plant)
Green Beans (1 row)
Onions (2 rows)
Spinach (2 small rows)
Lettuce (1 small row)
Cucumber (2 plants)
Watermelon (1 plant)
Cantaloupe (1 plant)
Pumpkin (2 plants)
Strawberries (4 plants)
Blackberries (3 plants)
Zucchini (1 plant)
Squash (1 plant)

There is SO much going on and I am totally in love with this space!

Next summer we will put up a greenhouse over part (probably half) of the garden so I can get on top of things earlier in the season. Hard to believe that I just picked the first ripe tomato on Monday (August 5th) when last summer I had a ripe one on the vine by late May!

How are everyone else’s gardens coming along? Ready to start canning/freezing/preparing for winter??


4 responses to “2013 Garden

  • Marian

    That is the prettiest garden I’ve ever seen! You two have done such a beautiful job designing it you’ve created beautiful landscaping while growing food. It’s truly spectacular!

  • Lisa

    Your garden looks fabulous! I wish we had that kind of space! We have been eating tomatoes for a couple weeks now. Had stuffed peppers tonight, and I’ve been making salsa.

    • simplyeclecticlife

      I’m proud of the garden this year. The space is amazing. It took a lot of work to get it up and running, but we made it! This year was a bit of an experiment. While we are starting to get stuff to harvest, I’m not sure the season will hold out long enough to produce what’s needed for canning. Will definitely have to re-group and tackle a modified plan next year.

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