Wedding Details: Hair & Make-Up

I mentioned, months and months and months ago, (click here to read that post) how excited I was that my childhood friend was coming from Georgia to do my wedding hair and make-up.

When I think about how generous she is, how great it was to see her (and finally meet her little boy), and how amazing she made me look for my big day it brings tears to my eyes.

Here Cayla and I are right before the ceremony, when she stopped back by before my walk down the aisle to touch up my hair and make-up and the girls’ hair as well:

photo(19)She couldn’t be more adorable if she tried, seriously.

So, here’s the thing: though she did an amazing job with my hair and make-up we did a horrible job of getting pictures. I skipped the trial that she offered to do the day before the wedding. I was still trying to tie up loose ends with decorating and verging on exhaustion. She said the trial was more for me than for her; that she doesn’t typically work with brides who just trust her to do her thing. I totally trusted her…so we skipped it.

Then, the morning before the wedding I was so relaxed (seriously, no nerves and just goin’ with the flow) that I was piddling around longer than I should have been…eating breakfast, chatting with the girls, etc. …and we came right down to the wire with getting finished up and getting me to the church on time (seriously, I went screamin’ out of there so fast that I forgot my engagement ring, and my mother…oops). Needless to say, we didn’t snap any up-close pictures of her work and I’m so disappointed because she definitely needed them for her portfolio.

Anyway, I did my best to crop and zoom in on some other pictures to give you an idea of how it all came together…but they aren’t great pictures…so bare with me:




And for an up close look at the make-up:


I love this shot of my girlfriend, Kari, and I.  Talk about being pampered, I didn’t even have to put on my own jewelry!

A special thank you, again, to my dear friend Cayla. I can’t imagine my day without you having been part of it, and I know for sure that no one could have done a better job.



8 responses to “Wedding Details: Hair & Make-Up

  • Lisa A.

    You looked stunning on your special day! Cayla did a fabulous job….of course, she had great ‘raw material’ to work with! 🙂

  • Lisa A.

    Oh, and I adore that picture of you can Cayla!

  • Marian

    You are gorgeous and Cayla enhanced it perfectly. Your hair was killer fabulous! She displayed why she is so successful in her field. You were a vision! You have your lovely mama, your handsome daddy, your pretty Grandma Carol (and your other grandparents) and Cayla to thank. Oh….and a fella named Joe who provided all that beautiful inner glow of love on that very special day!

    • simplyeclecticlife

      Cayla is beyond amazing — there isn’t a word to describe her work! I serously showed her a picture and without any practice, she went to town and turned out exactly what I was looking for. My hair WAS KILLER fabulous :).

  • Cayla

    Aww… It was an absolute honor. You were a truly gorgeous bride, and I was so lucky to get to be a part of your day!

  • Once upon a time…. | Cayla Does Hair

    […] We both grew up, and thankfully, reconnected through Facebook. One day, she got engaged to the love of her life, and when she asked me to do her hair and makeup for her wedding, I was over joyed. It was full circle for us. I had the honor of working on her for her wedding day, and she was truly gorgeous. She has an awesome blog full of fantastic garden tips, home tips, AMAZING cooking tips (I’m still DYING to try her breakfast burrito recipe). She also wrote about her experience through her wedding, including working with me here. […]

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