Wedding Details: The Dresses

You’re probably getting so sick of hearing me tell you how busy I’ve been, and that’s why I have so much time between posts…and yadda, yadda, yadda…

And while it is true that I have been busy, it’s also true that I’ve been wanting to do a post on the dress — a ‘reveal’, if you will — and I was waiting on the pictures from the photographer. THEN, I got the pictures and got totally absorbed in them. There are hundreds and they are phenomenal.

Anyway, lets reveal the dress….

I chose a more classic look, rather than something more trendy. I wanted to make sure when I looked back on the pictures I didn’t immediately wonder “what was I thinking”….so I went with something lace…

Doyle 034

Strapless, drop waist, A-line with some super gorgeous beading across the chest, and down the back…

Doyle 037

I’m still so in love with it — I wish I could wear it once a week.

As for my girls, I made every effort NOT to be a bridezilla. I wanted my girls to wear something that looked good on them, something they would be comfortable in. I also wanted them to have a dress they could wear again, and I didn’t want to pick something so expensive that they choked at the mention of the price tag.

So…I let the girls pick their own dresses with only a couple of guidelines: must be knee length, must be black. The rest, totally up to them and they did a great job — and all looked absolutely stunning:

Doyle 049

Ahhh, the little black dress.

I love the way the flowers give that pop of color against the black and white dresses.





2 responses to “Wedding Details: The Dresses

  • Lisa A.

    That was THE PERFECT dress for you! I was lucky enough to help choose it, and I knew it was YOUR dress by the way your eyes lit up when you put it on. You looked GORGEOUS! All the girls looked wonderful too, and you were really sweet to allow them to choose their own dresses. Everyone looked comfortable in their own skin. Usually at weddings there is at least one bridesmaid that looks like she would rather die than be in a dress that doesn’t suit her. WELL DONE YOU!!

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