Wedding Details: Flowers

When the wedding planning began I told my mom that we would just do silk flowers for the event.

She gave me the stink eye.

Weeks later the topic came up again — and she danced around it by first explaining that she had taken a poll of the women in our family and….and long story short…”you have to have fresh flowers”. Because, “people come to weddings for the dress, flowers, and cake”.

If I fought her on every little detail, we might not get this thing planned. So, fresh flowers it was.

And, I’m glad it’s the route I was convinced to go because they turned out more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!

We hired a local florist, Shelby Roelle, Sidney House Of Flowers, who took our ideas and ran with them.

We had a vision, she made it come true.

And it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Four of these large arrangements were set on the altar, atop glass vases mom and I picked up at the wedding auction:

arrangements They were super unique with the vase twist.

The unity candle sat on the altar with this beautiful arrangement:

unity candle

Taking a step back, here’s what the altar looked like — but imagine two more large arrangements on the outer edges (and slightly forward of those in the back) of what you see here:


I gave Shelby a picture of what I wanted the bouquets to look like, and they are EXACTLY what I had in mind:
As for the corsages and boutonnieres (which I don’t have an up-close picture of) they took the little white flowers from the bouquets and some of those little green berries along with a little ribbon to make small, classy, and tasteful ‘flowers to wear’ for the groom, groomsmen, fathers, mothers, grandmothers, and grandfathers.

I think these pictures have a big of a blue hue to them — everything was purple, but you get the idea and when I receive the photos from our amazing photographer I will post more — including a picture of the DIY memory candle that we put together and had a lovely floral arrangement around the bottom of.

So…what do you think, fresh or silk flowers for a wedding?


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