Wedding Details: Invitations

Did you know that there are a billion options out there for wedding invites? Okay, I don’t know if that’s an exact number, but the possibilities seem endless — and this makes the decision all the more difficult.

Many shops will send free samples of invitations you may be interested in. We ordered many, many, many options (again, making the decision all the more difficult).

And then there’s the option to buy the kits and print your own…

I spent months in deliberation. I thought this might be a good place to save in the budget…but I still wanted something classy and elegant.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, we went to order, and the ones I had decided on were discontinued. UGH!

Back to square 1.

Actually, I had really been stuck between two choices so I just went with choice #2. And, I’m glad I did — it was the right choice all along, I just didn’t know it at the time.


Classy. Clean. Perfect.

I went with pretty traditional wording, keeping it simple, but really acknowledging that my parents were hosting this event…


I think they turned out awesome. I wanted an invite that would be fitting with the rest of the day: classy and elegant. Check! Check!

I decided against the ‘print your own’ option – for several reasons. 1) The guest list was quite large – would thus require a LOT of work. 2) printing can be tricky and there’s the potential that it will turn out tacky – centering problems, smearing, choosing the right font, etc. 3) with coupons and other discounts that many places offer, it was almost as cost effective to have them professional printed – rather than to buy the kits, and the ink for the printers, etc.

Plus – there is a distinct difference between professionally printed invites and those done yourself. I hated to admit this, but my mother was right.

That said, if you are having a smaller event and have access to a really good printer there are some really neat kits out there to create your own!

Another place to cut costs is to omit the RSVP card. Many places offer a free wedding website ( is one such place) where the RSVP’s can be done electronically. My mom preferred the traditional RSVP card (with a self-addressed, stamped envelope) rather than going the electronic route. I was on the fence about this decision so we went with the RSVP card.

What are your thoughts on invites, in particular the RSVP card? I found there were many people we had to track down to get a better idea of the number that would be in attendance, even though people only had to mark yes (and indicate how many) or no and drop back in the mail…which I found somewhat annoying, but it is what it is.

Do you think the invites are a good place to cut costs? Why or why not?







One response to “Wedding Details: Invitations

  • Lisa A.

    I loved your invitations. They were classy and beautiful. They also were easy to transform into a couple of other projects for the wedding (which I’m sure you will probably talk about at some point.)

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