Garden Bridal Shower

My third, and final, bridal shower was hosted by my super adorable friend, and maid of honor, Kate, and was held here in Colorado Springs.


I was so lucky to have my 2 other bridesmaids come into town – one flew from Omaha – for the occasion. I also had guests drive in from my hometown. It was a ‘world’s collide’ type of situation as different people from different chapters of my life came together to celebrate my big day.

Here is a picture with all the bridesmaids


This shower had a ‘garden’ theme, complete with fresh flowers and super creative party favors for the guests.

Each party favor bag had the message “love is in bloom” or “2 peas in a pod” on the outside, then inside had a small pot, plant stake and seeds for either sweet pea flowers or garden peas. I’m blown away by her creativity.


The guests played a game of answering questions about J and I. This was interesting because different people from different chapters of my life seemed to know different things about us, but no one had all the ‘right’ answers.

After we ate some snacks, and indulged in the best cupcakes with cream cheese frosting I have ever tasted, I opened more gifts from this very thoughtful group of friends. Seriously, my hand has a permanent cramp from all of the thank you note writing…a small price to pay for the generosity of my friends and family.

Once we wrapped up the shower portion of the afternoon, a smaller group of us headed downtown for a painting party. Maybe you are familiar with these places…they guide you through a painting and there’s a cash bar? It’s a total blast and you needn’t possess a creative bone in your body.

So…we arrived at Splash and while we were trying to get organized for a group picture, this happened:


I giggle at the irony that I’m getting ready to ‘dive in’ and it clearly says ‘Splash’ behind me…hahaha.

And then we all got it together and made a decent picture happen:


Once inside we got situated with our awesome aprons and did a self-group portrait in the mirror on the wall:


And rounded up our paint and beverages:


When it was all said and done we turned out some pretty awesome work.



The added bonus was that at the end of our painting ‘class’ the artist who guided us through the process asked the group to choose a number between 1-12 and another number between 1-31. The group came up with 8/22 and out of everyone in the room (it wasn’t just our group of rowdiness there) my birthday was closest so I got his painting as well. He personalized it with the date of the wedding.

Many, many, memories made with these parties hosted and attended by some of the most amazing people I am privileged to know. Just thinking about how lucky and blessed I am makes my throat clench up and brings tears to my eyes.

There’s a good chance that I’m going to be a crying mess at the wedding…prepare yourselves…and thank goodness my make-up pro will be on the scene the entire day!

Wishing you all a safe and super awesome weekend!


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