A Mexican Fiesta Themed Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower #2 was hosted by my aunt’s. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, they went all out in ways I never imagined. You see, I am the only granddaughter on my mother’s side of the family. I also have developed a very special and close relationship with one of my aunt’s as I lived with her for a year and half while going to college – then when I got my own place it was only a couple miles from her house. I spent a lot of time over there…doing laundry, eating all their leftovers, working on ‘projects’…and we grew quite close. I shouldn’t have been surprised with the ‘extremes’ of this party; those girls really know how to put on an event.

The theme of this shower was “Mexican Fiesta”. There were so many handmade details, starting with the invite:


Check out this spread of Mexican themed snacks:


And there were different drink stations including sangria, margaritas (frozen or on the rocks), Mexican beers, and plain ol’ lemonade and sodas for the non-drinkers:


Don’t even get me started on how adorable these desserts were…or how delicious…or how many calories were involved:


And did you notice all the fun decorations? From table cloths, to paper flowers, to miniature donkey piñatas, they had it all pretty well covered, including these hand painted pots with hens & chicks that served not only as décor, but my guests took home as their party favor.


I got to keep the big pot that played the role of the centerpiece of the food table:

flower pot

Once we were sufficiently stuff full of goodies and had equally sufficient time to get our drink on, I opened gifts. Check out this amazing stack of goodies!


It took me 2 weeks once I got home to get it all put away. My friends and family spoil me, what can I say?

After gifts all the guests split into 3 teams. Their mission: Make Hilary an outfit for the wedding, including veil and bouquet.

Oh sweet heaven! I look like I’m all geared up to star in Billy Idol’s music video ‘White Wedding’.


And check out that veil and bouquet:


My dad happened to be across the street at my uncle’s house, so we took this show on the road and got him in on the action. It’s hard tellin’ what business I was givin’ my mom in this picture, but while I’m not paying a bit of attention, they both look fabulous.


There’s a chance people thought we were outta our minds as I strutted down the street in this get up, and the guests lined up along the curb.

Then, in traditional wedding fashion, I threw the bouquet.


My friend (and bridesmaid) Kari elbowed her way to catch it. You’ve gotta watch that girl, she gets out of control at times.


We finished off the evening with another ‘game’- a trick that was up the sleeve of my aunt’s and turned out to be so funny that I laughed until I cried…and cried…and cried…and I had to use my tissue paper wedding gown to wipe my eyes.
The ‘game’ went something like this: everything I said while opening gifts my aunt’s sneakily wrote down. I knew they were up to something…I didn’t know what. Then, they read it back as “the things Hilary will say to the groom on their wedding night”. I’m not sure how she did it, but my aunt pulled it off with a seriousness that I thought only actors possessed.

It’s amazing how things that are said with innocence take on a whole new dirtiness when this new light is shed on them. Everyone’s favorite was the comment about “it dripping off the bottom”. Oh My! My grandmother and mother were in the room for heaven sake!

Seriously one of the best parties I have ever attended!

My aunt has a blog and she posted about this party a week or so ago. Check out her post by clicking here. She discusses other details and has other pictures to share from the evening.

Up next: the bridal shower and painting party in Colorado Springs…see you back here tomorrow!



One response to “A Mexican Fiesta Themed Bridal Shower

  • Lisa A

    A fun and fabulous night for sure! I’m so happy you enjoyed it!

    We definitely need to do a photo swap. You have some great pictures here that I don’t have.

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