It seems like forever ago since I paid the attention to my blog that it deserves. Things have been busy, and while I’ve had lots of blogging ideas rolling around in my head, I haven’t quite found the time to put it all together and post. Hopefully I can be better about that this week…I’m going to give it some effort anyway.

In my second to last post on here, I hosted a giveaway. You can read that post here. It is such a disappointment that only 2 people participated…I thought there would be a better turn out and some laughs along the way.

In the spirit of announcing a winner, here is the winning story, submitted by Lisa:

Using your items: Things start out new and exciting, with bubble baths and foot massages. Soon, his snoring will start to bother you (if it hasn’t already), there will be some pain along the way, and things that need to be fixed. But remember to stay calm, stop and smell the flowers, and know that in the end what you will have is a love that is comfortable and supportive. Start and finish each day with a hug and a kiss, no matter what.

Great job, Lisa! A Starbucks giftcard will soon be coming your way…

I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend.



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