Wedding Mints

Thirty-one days! We are thirty-one days away from the wedding! It’s ONE MONTH from today! Holy cow, the time has really flown by!

As we get closer, I’m going to start sharing some details of the big day with you. This has very much been a DIY event – not because we were working with a $5,000 budget for the whole shebang, but because it’s always wise to stretch your money as far as it can go AND because nothing beats personal touches.

A few weeks ago we gathered for a wedding work weekend in Nebraska. The theme of that particular work weekend seemed to be Food. We tested appetizers and drinks for the cocktail hour following the ceremony and pressed mints…hundreds of them…and by hundreds of them I really mean close to 1,000. One thousand little mints.

Aren’t they pretty?


I didn’t get a great picture. We made three colors: white, light purple, and dark purple.

They’re sparkly, and beautiful, and perfect.

I’m also told they aren’t ‘mints’ because they aren’t made with mint flavoring but rather almond flavoring. But, what are we gonna call them? Almonds? No, that will just get too confusing so for the purpose of this wedding they will be called ‘mints’.

Wanna know a secret? I don’t even really like the kind of mints that go with cake and nuts at fancy events. I’m told that these are delicious though, so I’m going to trust that they are. Just as I will trust that the cake is yummy and amazing because I don’t like that either.

What I do love about them is that they were homemade and they will add a wonderful touch of purple (accent color) to a mostly black and white event.

How do you enjoy your mints at a fancy event? Minty? Almond-y? Dry and chalky and reminiscent of a packing peanut (you know the ones I’m talking about)? With nuts and punch? Alongside a giant slice of wedding cake?


PS: Last week in this post I announced a game and giveaway. There hasn’t been a lot of participation, which I am totally disappointed over because I think it would be really fun to see what stories people come up with. If you wanted to participate and just forgot – give it a go today! The deadline is Friday the 17th!


One response to “Wedding Mints

  • Lisa Ammerman

    Ah, the mint making project! it was fun! They do look very pretty. Mints…I can take them or leave them. I’ll probably take one of two of these. Now CAKE on the other hand….yes, please!!

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