My New Love: Sprouts

I recently stumbled upon this amazing little place called Sprouts, right near my house.

I thought it was just a grocery store. Plain and simple, a grocery store, like all the others, but probably more expensive because of the fancy name.

I thought wrong and I am now in love.

Sprouts is a Farmer’s Market. Sprouts is a Farmer’s Market with incredibly fresh produce and amazing prices.


Have you ever bought 2 bags of anything and paid less than $10? Me neither, until I stumbled into Sprouts and emerged with 2 bags of the most wonderful store bought (because, let’s be honest, no store out-wonderfuls what I grow myself) produce and paid UNDER $10.

And now? I’m hooked and make a weekly trip in because it just makes me So SO SOOOO happy!

Have you been in a Sprouts? Do you have one near you? I urge you to find out and try it out, if ever it’s a possibility.

And, on a side note, I’m not sure what’s with all the ‘stumbling’ I wasn’t drunk or sleep walking or anything – sometimes these posts take on a life of their own…

Happy Wednesday!


2 responses to “My New Love: Sprouts

  • Lisa Ammerman

    I find it wonderful and amazing that a girl who grew up being a fairly picky eater (remember when you wouldn’t eat a tomato or brocolli?), and eating lots of fast food or convenience food has become such a produce junkie! I’m glad you have a nice place to get your fix until your home grown stuff is harvested. 🙂

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