DIY Compost Bins

Another project, that we happened to knock out over the weekend, and one I’ve been dreaming about for over a year, is the completion of two DIY compost bins.

I’ve done a lot of research on composting, the different methods and the ‘how to’, and have wanted to start some DIY compost of my own. The timing hasn’t always been right. The materials weren’t always available. There were always reasons to not get started…until NOW!


Compost can be done in outside piles, or in containers. I have a large enough garden space to do an outside pile, but I want to wait and see how things all come together before going that route. Therefore, I decided on container compost for getting started. Maybe I’ll expand to the outside pile later…we shall see.

So…for this project, J was able to round up a couple of old barrels that previously had non-toxic materials in them so the barrels themselves are essentially recycled too…cool huh?

We cut the top of the barrels off using a sawzall. Then, I rinsed them out real good and let them dry. Next came the drilling of holes. If you want to compost using barrels, they need LOTS of holes so there’s adequate drainage and flow of oxygen. I drilled lots of holes up and down the sides, and the bottom, and a few on the lid.

Then, J ran some rubber around the cut edge, just so the cut edges would come together a tad better, and he added a hinge to one side and a clasp to the other.


That’s it! It’s a simple enough project to get started. If you have a couple of old yard waste trash cans with lids lying around you could have one of these put together in a snap!

The important thing is that the lid attaches well. The reason being is that the compost needs to be ‘turned’ every few weeks or so and the easiest way I can figure to accomplish this with the set-up I have is to kick the thing over and roll it around the yard a bit.

It’s amazing how the small things in life, like a DIY compost bin, totally excite me! I will blog another time about the ‘how to’ for composting – not that I’m the expert, I’ll just be sharing what I’ve learned in my research.

Do you compost? Why or why not?


9 responses to “DIY Compost Bins

  • Marian

    You are the most resourceful young woman I know. I’m a huge fan! I think you have a future as the modern and more balanced version of Martha Stewart!

    • simplyeclecticlife

      This comment made me laugh. I lothe Martha – not her work, just her. I have to admit that she is quite resourceful and creative…so you comment is very much a compliment! Sometimes I even amaze myself!

  • Lisa Ammerman

    Good luck with your new experiment! David said something about maggot farm…..KIDDING!! You are going to have a great garden!

  • Cayla

    Good for you! I am attempting to start my composting bin tomorrow- I, however, and lucky that my dad had a bin that you could turn with a handle, that I am going to try to move over to my place. I am excited to see more of what you are doing as far as gardening! I spent this week preparing my bed, and am planting tomorrow as well, and I know VERY little! I am following a book, so here’s to hoping I can accomplish it! I’d love to hear your tips on growing tomatoes and canning- I remember you did that last year, right? I am going to try this year! 🙂

    • simplyeclecticlife

      Good luck on your gardening journey! I will be sharing mine as the season progresses, including preserving the harvest. Your journey is going to be a bit different than mine, namely because you have a MUCH longer growing season than I do *jealous beyond belief*. I’ve had a lot of luck the past handful of years with my garden but this new environment may mean some modifications that I will have to figure out as I go (the climate in CO Springs is different than in NE – if you can even believe that). Keep me posted, if there’s anything I can help with, I’m only an email away!

      • Cayla

        Will Do! I’m a picture junky, so all my gardening stuff is on Instagram and Facebook. 😉 Well, FYI… Georgia is better than Nebraska- you two could always consider a move to a better climate. 🙂

  • Simply Eclectic

    […] You can read about my DIY compost bins here. […]

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