A Space to Create

Yesterday I shared with you 2 fun pieces of art that I made utilizing coiled paper, and I also mentioned that I would share with you today what reminded me of my intention to share these pieces of art with you, prior to my forgetting.

Before we even moved into our home, we began discussions of the changes we would like to make (over time), allowing the house to evolve into something that is truly ours – our preferences, our style, etc. The prior owner’s wife liked to sew, or that’s the only conclusion I can come up with for the not so attractive homemade curtains that hang in the family room (we found a bolt of the fabric in the home, so we know they were a DIY). The other reason I come to this conclusion is because of the wonderful built-in desk/work station they had set up in a room in the basement.

We have different plans for this room. We intend to change it back to a bedroom so our guests have some space of their own when they come to visit. Soooo, what to do about this wonderful built in desk? Why, move it upstairs to the office, of course!

Poor J had to have my help with this ‘moving the desk’ project, and I moaned and groaned, and whined about how heavy things were and how my hands hurt…BUT in the end the desk has been re-located!!



I have yet to unpack this room, but I’ve been strategizing how all artsy, crafty, function of the right brain supplies will fit into the space – allowing me a place to pull out all the necessary supplies to scrapbook, or sew, or whatever strikes my fancy WITHOUT the need to pack it all up and shove it back into a closet with I am finished.

My aunt calls a space like this a ‘studio’, because she is an artist. I am not an artist, so I feel awkward about labeling this space ‘studio’ – but whatever it is – I am VERY excited to get it all set up (on the agenda for this weekend as the weather isn’t forecast to be anything other than dull) and start crankin’ out some projects.

Now…if only I had a cricut…


2 responses to “A Space to Create

  • Lisa A.

    What an awesome start to a workspace! I’m so happy you finally have a spot to do projects. I wish I were there to help you get set up….you know how I love to organize!

    I can also hear your whining in having to haul it upstairs. Poor J…..

    • simplyeclecticlife

      It is such an awesome start to a workspace, however, with this nice weather it’s not been a highly utilized space recently. Maybe the next rainy day I will get up there and crank out a project or two…

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