Another Work of Art

Shortly after Christmas I mentioned in a post that the homemade gifts I gave for Christmas were my favorite. I shared with you the counted cross-stitch ornaments that I worked on through the summer and had one other project I wanted to share with you. I am finally getting around to doing that today. Part of the hold-up was I wasn’t able to connect with my dear friend to give her this gift until February, the other part of the hold-up was that it slipped my mind…until late last week (I’ll tell you why it sprung back to mind late last week in tomorrow’s post).

Backing up even further, last spring I shared with you this project that I worked on while visiting my aunt:

A girlfriend of mine raved over this piece of art, going so far as to request that if I were to die, she called dibs. She literally talks about it every time she lays eye on the thing so it only made sense that I make her one of her very own.

Knowing the time involved in rolling these coils of paper, I began the project in early summer and worked on rolling paper, a little at a time, as often as opportunity presented itself. Finally, as the holiday season drew near, I had enough and piece this together:


She was elated when she opened the gift to reveal her very own piece of art and immediately started talking about how she would incorporate it into her décor…or maybe use it as inspiration to re-decorate a room in her home.

This is just one of the reasons that homemade gifts are often times the best – to give or receive. I know there is nothing that I could have purchased for her at a store that would have sparked this much excitement.

Plus, I might mention, that often times there’s nothing as therapeutic as an artsy project. Do you find this is true for you?


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