First Day In The Garden

Boy oh Boy! I must tell you, last week completely got away from me! I lost Monday to a migraine and before I knew it we were knocking on Friday’s door. I’m not complaining, just wanted to offer an explanation of why I was MIA in my blog world last week.

I hope this Monday finds everyone doing well, and adjusted to daylight savings time. The time change in Spring is a mild adjustment for me, as compared with the change in the Fall that leaves me feeling a zombie for longer than seems fair. I’ve been enjoying the longer days. That, combined with the nice weather we’ve experienced, has me itchin’ for summertime!!
Over the weekend we started work on the garden area. I’ve shared in previous posts that the new house offers an excellent spot for a large garden and I couldn’t be more excited!! Here is what we are working with right now:


You will notice this area was previously designated for a garden. You might also guess that the layout just isn’t going to work for me. A couple planter boxes and rocked walkways seems like a waste of valuable gardening real estate. So, the new plan will be for the rock to go away, and the planter boxes too. The entire space will be tilled up and planted – no planter boxes!
This space also has drip lines that run off the sprinkler system. I am in love with this idea!! We should be able to re-route some of the lines to areas that plants will grow, and then we will be freed up to leave town without having to inconvenience someone with watering duties at our place.

We took advantage of the nice’ish weather over the weekend (truth told, it was a touch windy and the wind was cold so by the time we finished I was quite chilly and had a headache but…we made due) to get started on this project. What we accomplished is the top layer of nice rock has been moved from the garden and re-located to another area on the property. The second leg of this journey will include pulling up the landscaping cloth under a couple inches of rock mixed with lots of dirt. Leg 2 is going to be a LOT of work because there’s a LOT of rock/dirt that will need to be moved and we will likely have to haul it to a friend’s property, 25 or so minutes away (and we’re talking several truck loads).

I’m feeling good about the start and progress that has been made, but think I may have to accept that I won’t be able to plant quite as early as I would like because the space just won’t be ready by then. All in good time I suppose…
Have you started any work outdoors, or are you waiting to tackle those projects as we get closer to summer? I’m excited to hear what others have in the works for their outdoor living spaces, fill me in by posting in the comments section below!


One response to “First Day In The Garden

  • Lisa Ammerman

    Good Lord, Lady! With a garden that size I’m assuming we’ll find you sitting on a street corner peddling veggies come August! LOL!! I’m so happy for you!

    No, I haven’t started outside projects yet. David put some crab grass preventer on the yard yesterday. I still haven’t cleaned out my flower beds from last year…..It needs to be done this week because the tulips are poking up and the mums are getting green below the dead stuff.

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