Trees: You Are Slated To Go!

We had the pleasure of nice weather last weekend. I took advantage and soaked up some vitamin D, while enjoying some magazines & the crazy amazing view, on our gorgeous deck.

The relaxation was only a snapshot of the weekend though because it was otherwise quite busy – including further assessment of why these have got to go:


We aren’t big fans of pine trees anyway, but they wreak havoc on a yard. J raked up a 5 foot (tall and wide) pile of these:


The pine needles, coupled with the fact that not much sunlight gets through to the yard means this is what you find under pine trees, once all the needles are cleaned up:



I like trees, don’t get me wrong. What I don’t like are trees planted without thoughtfulness. I’ve lived in a couple homes now that have had trees/shrubs planted in the most random of places and while I feel the slightest bit guilty cutting them down, I like a streamlined yard (both for the visual appeal but for ease of mowing). I also like having a YARD, meaning GRASS. So, at first, most appropriate opportunity these pine trees are coming down!

The logistics of this project have yet to be figured out (the trees are quite large) – any takers on this chore???

On another slightly related note, I’m feeling the need to give this house a name. Those who know me well know I do a lot of naming of things – I come by it honestly, I learned it from my parents. So, I had Therapy House in Nebraska…what do I have in Colorado? I welcome suggestions. Toss them out in the comments section below!

Happy Half Way Through This Week!!


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