Cherry On Top

Nearly every year, around Christmas time, my mom receives one of those super awesome gift baskets that includes yummy snacks and a bottle or two of wine. What a lovely gift idea. I’ve never received one myself, but snacks and wine are right up my alley so I have my fingers crossed that one of these days I will be so lucky as to receive one of my very own.

Wine is definitely not up my mom’s alley. She rarely drinks alcohol, and if she does it’s generally in the form of a margarita. Lucky for me that she isn’t about to waste a good bottle of wine and it generally finds its way into my life.

This past Christmas was no exception, and I found myself uncorking a bottle of this:

cherry on topFirst of all, could the name be any cuter? Cherry On Top. Who doesn’t like a cherry on top?? Icing on the cake is one thing, but a cherry on top is an entirely different ball game.

Secondly, this unique sweet red was a nice change of pace that made my taste buds perk right up and demand a splash or two more once the first glass was gone.

Cherry On Top is a blend of Syrah, Zinfandel, Merlot, Tempranillo, and Grenache.

I don’t consume a lot of red wine. I’m a fan of a good Chianti with a big piece of bloody, red, meat, but otherwise I generally gravitate to a refreshing, sweet, white wine. Red blends are an interesting way to expand on the wine horizon and I’d recommend this one for sure.

The next time you’re in the wine aisle and looking for a change-up of that normal wine routine, give this one a try.



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