Getting SOOOO Close!

Over the summer months I announced a giveaway on my blog, as soon as I had 75 followers.

I just checked and am at 72!! We are getting SOOOO close!!

So, here is the deal: those of you who read the blog on a regular basis, but haven’t signed up to ‘follow’, how about you do the group a solid and sign up? It’s really not a big deal, and definitely not a hassle…it takes a matter of seconds, and you will always be informed of new posts (and nothing more as it relates to my blog or wordpress) via email. What if I stopped linking my blog posts to my FB page? Would you fall completely out of the loop?? We wouldn’t want that to happen!

I’ve mentioned how easy it is to sign up to follow, several times, but in case you need a refresher here it is: once you are on my blog there is a box where you enter your email address (toward the top, on the right). Enter your address, and click the button, and that’s it!!

I’m really counting on rounding up 3 more followers so that I can get this guy on his way:

Moon Santa

Moon Santa

This is a handmade (by ME!) Christmas ornament. Yes, it’s January so Christmas is LONG gone but you can add it to your collection and enjoy it at the end of this year – or reserve it as a gift for someone and say that you’ve started your ‘Holiday Shopping’.

As soon as I hit the 75 mark I will draw a name at random and that’s the winner! I’ll have the winner email me their address and drop this dude in the mail.

AND – just in case you needed further incentive to join the following, winning means getting something in the mail other than bills or junk AND it costs you nothing!!

Happy Thursday!


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