Runza Casserole

For those who don’t know, Runza is a fast food restaurant specializing in cabbage burgers – Runzas. The reason some don’t know is because this particular restaurant is specific to only a few states. Predominately Nebraska.

People love Runza. They seek it out when they are within driving distance of a restaurant.

When my grandfather was ill, and people flooded to the house with food, someone brought this amazing casserole. They called it Runza casserole. It was basically a Runza sandwich but casserole, rather than sandwich style.  I HAD to figure out how to make my own rendition of this tasty dinner.

And I did.

Here’s how it came together:

-Brown 1 lb of hamburger with some chopped up onion (1 small, or half a large onion) in a large skillet
-Thinly shred a head of cabbage
-Once the meat has browned, add the cabbage to the skillet, give it a little stir and add some water (half a cup or so). Cover the pan. The cabbage will cook via the steam created from your water addition, so let it work a bit before you lift the lid to peak
Hint: I like to use a skillet with a glass lid so I can kind of keep an eye on the cabbage cooking process – but if this isn’t an option for you, check after 10 minutes or so – and cook until the cabbage starts  to wilt
-Then, start adding your seasonings: salt, pepper, and Accent seasoning. I can’t tell you how much to use, because I have NO idea.  My suggestion is to start out small, taste test, and keep adding until you are loving what’s hitting your mouth. You will use more accent seasoning than anything else, and pepper will be the least used of the trio.
Okay, for those of you who are hating me for not helping with a starting point, start with 1/8 teaspoon black pepper, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons Accent. Taste test and add more (you might repeat this process several times. I do). Keep in mind that this dish is supposed to have LOTS of flavor so the seasonings are essential – don’t skimp!
-Once you have settled on your spice mix, pour the mix into a greased baking dish.
-Top with uncooked crescent rolls, laid out flat.
-Pop in the oven, 375 degrees, for about 20 minutes. You need only to cook the rolls through, until they have a nice brown top

That’s it! I don’t even make a side dish with this one because it’s just too good to fill up on anything else!


Try super hard not to judge me for the paper plate – it was one of “those” nights.

Another suggestion, if you like to prep for your week a day or two ahead of time you can put this together and store in the fridge until you are ready for the casserole to come all the way together. Simply remove from the fridge, zap for a minute or two in the microwave just to take the chill off, then put in the baking dish and finish up with the final steps that include the crescent rolls.

Sometimes when dishes have time for their flavors to mingle, they are better. This dish is no exception.

It’s out of the ordinary. It’s super yummy. It’s very easy.

Give it a try, I know you will love it…unless you hate cabbage…in which case I think you are crazy and can’t help ya (but still love ya).




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