Wedding Shoes…

As promised yesterday, I’m bringing you up to speed on our wedding work weekend (2 weekends ago).

As a result of no longer living in the same town as my mother, or the location of the wedding, it’s been difficult to push forward with some of the planning process, but we are making due.

Anyway, the wedding invites have been ordered and several other lists about different aspects of the day were generated. Not real exciting…except for the fact that these showed up:


I am so in love with these shoes for the wedding. Sparkly and beautiful but also flats – my fiancé isn’t overly tall AND I won’t have to ditch them 10 minutes into the reception because my feet are killing me! This on-line store has lots of fun shoe options (not just for weddings), if you wanted to give them a look: Mystique

I’m currently on the hunt for a veil. I was advised by my hair & makeup pro not to purchase any accessories at the bridal boutique because they are WAAAYYY over-priced. Once I got to looking on-line, I see what she was talking about.

If you are in the market for a veil, in particular, check out this website. They have lots of beautiful options, low cost, and a great return policy if you get your veil and it doesn’t match your dress.
Neither of these are paid advertisements, just thought I’d share the wedding planning/staying within budget love.

What are your thoughts on the shoes? Some people are loving them, others not so much (my grandma stated she hadn’t ever seen a bride’s toes before…hahaha, I guess she’s not a fan?). I would love your feedback, shout it out in the comments below!




11 responses to “Wedding Shoes…

  • Cassie shaw

    Love them! Way more practical for a long day on your feet. What’s a wedding without a little bling bling

  • photog

    Wear them! You will be so much happier. At my own wedding I wore new shoes, my feet were killing me the whole time, and when I took them off at dinner I couldn’t get them on again. Plus, those shoes are cool.

  • Marian

    LOVE THESE TO THE MAX! You couldn’t have made a cooler choice that fits every criteria. I mentioned to Lisa you should get a sexy Mad Men type long retro dress for your honeymoon that would also be so perfectly suited to your gorgeous sandals. Every girl should covet those!

    • simplyeclecticlife

      Thank you, Marian. I loved them the second I saw them on Pinterest. I just knew they would be perfect and that I HAD to have them!! I look forward to wearing them after the wedding as well, because they’re just too fabulous to save as a keepsake.

  • Lisa Ammerman

    As you know, I ADORE these shoes! I can’t wait to see them in person!

  • Things i love.....

    Oh those shoes are so pretty! What a great idea i have the silly high ones for the day and am on the search for flats just like yours that i can also have for the honeymoon….. Sounds like your planning is going well 🙂

    • simplyeclecticlife

      I don’t think you will regret a fancy pair of flats that are appropriate for the wedding and beyond! I hope your planning is coming along well also…time flies when you’re olanning a wedding, doesn’t it?!?!

      • Things i love.....

        That was my thinking too! Yup its only 4 months today i cant believe how quick time is going – we got messages today to say our rings are ready to collect, our invites will be delivered next week and i need to pay the balance for my dress because its arrived in!! But its great fun – i hope your are not stressing too much planning at a distance 🙂

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