Tea Wreath

To celebrate this most recent snap of cold weather, I decided to come down with the cold that’s being passed around my office (thanks co-workers!).

This baby came in mighty handy as I’ve been fighting the crud:


My beautiful friend made me a tea wreath for Christmas. Isn’t it cool?!?!

Not only is it very pretty but it’s been nice having an assortment of hot tea to soothe my sore throat the past couple of days.

I think she got the idea from Pinterest. She is one of those people who pins DIY and craft ideas and then ACTUALLY goes out and tries some of them! I am guilty of pinning tons of stuff that I think I’d like to try…and get no further than that.

Maybe that should have been a New Years Resolution – work on some projects from my Pinterest board. Maybe next year…

Are you guilty of this as well? Lots of good intentions for tapping into your creative juices but never actually getting there?


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