Adventures in House Hunting

We have spent a great deal of time hunting for houses, and the past weekend was no exception.

The things seen along the way are sometimes hard to believe, which is why you must snap pictures.

Sometimes you load all your plants into the master bathroom bathtub. Home staging at its very best:

Sometimes you just feel like saddling up a buffalo:

Sometimes you want a giraffe in your front lawn, wearing a Santa hat:

Our realtor wanted me to get on it for a photo op but I feared the thing would break and I’d have some explaining to do…so I passed.

Other oddities we’ve seen (but, sadly, didn’t get pictures of) include:
-a home with a rack of wigs, include a grey mullet get-up
-a house with a door in the basement where “Dip-shit boy behind door” was written on the door to what appeared to be the grown son’s (who apparently moved back home with mom and dad) bedroom
-a place that was very clearly once the location of a busy marijuana grow business
…just to name a few.

I haven’t told you about our realtor. Her name is Tanya Stevenson-Becht and she owns Park Avenue Properties (click here for the link to her website). She is beyond amazing. If you are ever in the market for a house in Colorado Springs, she is, hands down, your gal!

Oh, and on another note – we are FINALLY under contract on a super fabulous property!  WOOO HOOOO!!!!Prayers and crossed fingers from all for a smooth run to closing! With any luck we will be out of this teeny, tiny apartment in 1 month!

So happy I could scream…


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