Stacks of Cards

While home for the holidays my mom and I <finally> had an opportunity to work on some more wedding stuff. It’s been difficult to push forward with the wedding planning when my mom and I are now 4’ish hours apart, BUT she is awesome and continues to get things organized, even in my absence.

Our most recent project included addressing all these save the dates…by hand:

save the dates

I don’t know how many there are; I know only that my neck hurt from looking down for so long & my hand started to cramp toward the end. We are up to over 300 people on the invite list. Wowza! And, we didn’t even want a big wedding to begin with – it’s funny how things like that take shape!

I’m not sure what other arrangements I’ve made you aware of in the wedding planning process, so to re-cap, here’s what has been done so far:
-church and officiants – booked
-reception venue – booked
-florist – reserved
-DJ – booked
-cake boss – reserved
-hair & make-up pro – reserved (all the way from Georgia; I couldn’t be more excited)
-dress – ordered & received (yay – I unzip the bag and look at it every time I’m home)
-shoes – ordered (and they didn’t have them in-stock so a request has been pushed through to have them made. yes, MADE, not ordered. haha)
-photographer – booked (and one of the most stressful decisions)
-decorations – under way (we are doing so much DIY for this part of the wedding but it will be fabulous with all the personal touches).
-website – created but still needs finishing touches

I think that’s about it as far as what’s crossed off (or partially crossed off) the list. I need to get going on the gift registry. I am so excited about this task but can’t ever seem to get myself to the store to get started – what’s my problem? You would think I’d be burnin’ rubber on my way to the store, only to run through the doors, grab the ‘gun’ and start scanning everything in sight.

We are 5 1/2 months out – holy cow! The butterflies in my stomach just went crazy…so much left to do!

What’s your favorite part (or parts if you have trouble narrowing down to just one) of a wedding? The dress? The ceremony? The cake? Dinner/Drinking/Dancing?  Would enjoy hearing your thoughts; post them in the comments section below!



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