Meal Plannin’

How do you go about planning meals for the week? Do you take it one day at a time? Do you plan out a week (or more) in advance and try to get all the grocery shopping done in one quick trip?

Since moving into this very small apartment with my fiance, I’ve been forced to plan (and shop) one week at a time. Our kitchen, including the pathetic freezer that isn’t even good for making ice sometimes, doesn’t allow for much stocking up. In the past I preferred to buy lots of stuff on sale to have on hand, and then I could throw meals together in a pinch, if necessary.

Once we buy a house I can get back on that plan, but for the time being, it’s a week at a time.

Since it is a new year, and it’s always a goal of mine to attempt at eating healthier (I’m not exactly great at this – sometimes a plate of nachos, or a bag of chips call my name so loudly it’s like having a gun pointed at my head and I HAVE to devour them, or I may die), I’ve put together a menu for this week that I’m pretty excited about – healthy and delicious!!

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:
Baked Salmon, fresh veggies & rice
Chicken Barley Soup & Salad
Quinoa Veggie ‘Fried Rice’ (it’s the feel and flavor of fried rice, but nothing actually fried & there is no rice – btw)
Baked Chicken, fresh veggies & salad
**fresh veggies will amount to whatever looks the most delish in the produce department at the store

I try to shoot for 4 meals a week, taking into account leftovers. If, for some reason, we run out of leftovers I try to have one other thing on hand as a back up meal that can be thrown together quickly. I’ve mentioned it before, throwing out food makes me cringe so I try to never over-buy at the store (it’s not an exact science though, so that happens from time to time *cringe*).

I’m very interested in hearing about how you tackle your meal planning and grocery shopping – fill me in using the comments section below!


PS – I’ll post recipes for the meals I plan to make this week later on, if you’re interested – I’ll probably post some (or all) of them even if you aren’t 🙂


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