That’s All She Wrote

After the cold front that came through our area a couple of weeks ago, bringing snow and freezing temperatures, I think it’s safe to say that the garden is donezo.

I didn’t bother putting the top back on the greenhouse and a heater inside to battle this cold front. With my upcoming move, I had to face the facts and let it go. I wasn’t going to be around much longer to deal with the garden so one way or another, it was going to happen.

The garden has been reduced to this…

…an empty, open space. I cleaned out the sad looking plants and we took down the structure the weekend before my move.

I have to say that I’m pleased with the bounty from this season. I should have kept better track so I had a more accurate count to report to you but I have plenty of tomato juice, canned tomatoes, and pasta sauce in the pantry. I also ate SO MANY fresh tomatoes and gave countless away so others could enjoy as well. Additionally, I ate zucchini until I was tired of it. Same with broccoli. The green beans gave up early (I think they got a bug that did them in) but I enjoyed lots of those green fellers before they were done. I wasn’t as pleased with the pepper production this year. Sadly, all the plants had tiny peppers on the vine before the snap of freezing weather. If only they’d had another month…

What’s the status of other gardens out there? Still producing? Cut off by the cold weather? You gave up and pulled everything because you were over it?


3 responses to “That’s All She Wrote

  • Sandra Gillette

    Although I am new to following your blog, I have gone back and read many previous posts and this post makes me somewhat sad. Poor little garden resembles nothing of what it used to. I hope that you start up a garden at your new residence next spring so that we may hear all about your harvest again!

    • simplyeclecticlife

      First I want to welcome you to the blog & just say how much I enjoy my readers & their comments.
      It’s always disappointing for me when the growing season ends, and I literally think about & plan the next garden all winter!
      One thing I am excited about, & maybe you will be also, is that this new chapter of my life will lead to some excellent opportunitis. As we look to buy a new home, one thing on my list of ‘have to haves’ is a yard to support a garden (perhaps an even bigger one) AND, don’t quote me but I think we will be building a new greenhouse!!
      Stay tuned. I’m so happy to have you on this journey with me!

      • Cassie shaw

        Haha of course you will have a new green house! You can have anything you want now…. That man is yours all yours!! 😉

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