Owners Manuals Organization

This week I’ve got a hefty ‘to do’ list. Since I’m getting ready to move, I’m also getting ready to list my house. I want to make sure it shows in the best possible light so I’m tackling some of  those cleaning projects that I’ve been meaning to do since the summer began (read: spring cleaning).

As I got busy in the room designated for yesterday, I kept coming across owners manuals for various things I own – and some for things that are long gone. Does anyone else have this trouble? You don’t know what to do with owners manuals, then they end up stashed various places around your house? Finally, when the time comes that you actually need to refer to one, it’s unable to be found? Or, you sell something on a garage sale and the person asks if you have the manual and you have that moment of “yes, I do, somewhere….”?

I toyed with a couple of options for this ridiculous problem. An owners manual drawer? Box? Then, I remembered something I’d seen on Pinterest quite a while ago (I didn’t pin the idea, it seemed simple enough to remember, at the time), an owners manual binder!

As it so happens, I’ve got a few extra binders around that aren’t serving a purpose AND page protectors. Problem Solved!! I now have a designated binder for owners manuals. Each page protector contains the manual and other paperwork that accompanies something I still own (the others made their way to the dumpster, obviously). There are also empty page protectors in the back for more paperwork/manuals as I come across them or when/if something new is purchased.

Every little bit of organization feels so good!

Do you have a ‘needs organized’ problem at your house? What are your plans to tackle it?



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