Wedding Auction

Over the weekend, my mother and I had the very unique experience of attending a “Wedding Auction”. Unlike any auction I’ve ever even heard of before, this one included $150,000 worth of inventory that an event planner was getting rid of. How convenient that this event landed right in the throes of my wedding planning. Of course mom and I had to go check it out, and score some deals.

The amount of stuff was incredible, and score some deals we did. In fact, we couldn’t have fit one more thing into my SUV to come home!

Here’s a peek at some of the goods:

Candelabras for the church pews. We will plan to paint them a different color and have floral arrangements put into the top. We were able to get 12 total, for under $3.00 each.

Votive holders for the reception hall table center pieces. This will be just part of the centerpiece set-up, but since we were able to get 30 of them on the cheap, it only made sense to pick them up at the auction.

Tall pillar candle holders. I fell in love with these the moment I saw them. They are too tall, and there aren’t enough (we got 7 total) for centerpieces but I think they might land homes on the cake, guest book, and gift tables.

Tall cylinder vases. Not exactly sure what role these will play in the decor but we were able to snag both for $5.00 (with a couple other odd ball vases thrown in).  Whether they get used in the wedding or not I may just want them in my house.

I don’t have a picture of them but we bought LOTS of double lined draping for the walls the metal building that we have to transform into an elegant wedding reception hall. White fabric with tulle over the top. We also networked with a gal who bought a bunch of other white draping. She is going to let us rent the stuff she bought and when it’s all said and done she might buy the draping we now own off us. Deal and deal!

These lights will shine up behind the wall draping to give a ‘lighted wall’ effect.  I don’t remember how many there were in the box…lots!

Also not pictured, we bought table cloths for the round tables.

Finally, we bought a big box of while electrical extension cords. In total we spent around $650. Quite a bargain if you ask me! I can’t even imagine what this stuff would have cost had we bought it new!! Not only did we get a deal, we can turn around and sell a lot of this stuff when we are done with it…making it even cheaper in the end.

It was pretty exciting to go from discussion about different elements of the wedding decor to actually purchasing some stuff that bring the ideas to life. I’m so impressed with not only the deals we scored, but also how much we accomplished in one afternoon.

Like I said, that auction was one of a kind. I can’t imagine I will run across another one of those in my entire life. Even if I wasn’t planning a wedding, it might have been something I just had to check out anyway!

In other wedding planning news, this is what has been accomplished:
-The church and reception spot have been reserved.
-The wedding party has been selected. They haven’t been asked yet and my fiance won’t tell me who he has in mind (just to drive me crazy, I’m sure) but…I’m counting it as done.
-1 block of rooms as been reserved, as well as the honeymoon suite, at one of the local hotels. (I need to get another block at another hotel. I didn’t realize how many out of town guests we were inviting).
-We’ve got a very good start on the guest list.
-The florist is reserved.
-The DJ is booked.
-Mom and I have picked a date to go dress shopping. I’m not leaking specifics on this detail because many people have voiced their desire to come along and I’m just not into the idea of having a “Say Yes To The Dress” fiasco with panel of potentially difficult people ruining the day for my mom and I.

Not too shabby for roughly 8 1/2 months out, if I do say so myself!



5 responses to “Wedding Auction

  • Cassie shaw

    Oh how exciting!!! Sounds like its coming along marvelously. What is the date you guys picked for the wedding, if I may ask ?

  • Cassie shaw

    That is so exciting! I always wonder how people just come up with a random date out of no where like” oh yeah.. How about June … 15th…” 😉 Does this date mean something to you?

    • simplyeclecticlife

      Choosing a date is difficult. I originally wanted to get married in May, but when I went to book the church and building for the reception they weren’t available. I think that (in small rural communities especially where resources are limited) it really comes down to deciding the time of year you want to get married, then checking availability of the venues, then deciding on the date. After it was all said and done I fell in love with the way “June 15th” rolls right off your tongue. Then, after the fact, we figured out that is my fiance’s grandparent’s 53rd anniversary! They are so excited to share their special day with us!
      There was special meaning that I didn’t even know about!!

      • Cassie shaw

        Ahh I see, maybe one day when I am doing this myself I will understand haha. Rolls off the tongue lol, that’s enough right there 😀.. I like it! Aw cute, sharing the anniversary… You know what they say ” sharing is caring”

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