A Wonderful Birthday Gift

I recently celebrated a very significant birthday. Some might say I’m ‘old’ now. I have determined that life begins at 30, so there’s so much to look forward to. A special thanks to a friend who also holds this same attitude, and encouraged me to see it the same.

I received the most wonderful gift from my aunt Lisa. This hand made, clay, vessel:

It’s made from so many tiny pieces of clay, it’s impossible to count how many. She blogged about this vessel here, including details on how it was made, etc. She’s an artist, and her blog is all about artsy stuff. I’d encourage you to sign up to follow, or at least check her out from time to time because there’s always something interesting, and it’s a good read.

Here’s the interesting thing about this vessel: she recently made one for her BFF, only in white. She blogged about this one also, here. When I read her blog I tried to enter a comment, but had difficulties. The comment didn’t post, and I intended to come back to it later…but never did. In my comment I said something about how I had a birthday coming up and ‘maybe I’ll get one in purple or black’.

Isn’t it strange that I intended to post that comment, never did, and yet, this showed up in a cute little gift bag for me on my special day?!??!? It’s as if she read my mind!

You should see both the black (mine) and the white (Lisa’s BFF’s) and tell us which one you like better!

I also got a Target gift card from her, and lets be honest, you just can’t go wrong there!

Wishing you all a safe and fun weekend.


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