Vintage Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes

Over the weekend I attended an auction with my aunts and my mother. I’ve been to lots of auctions since my childhood years, they are a pretty common thing here in rural America, but it wasn’t until this past weekend that I made my first purchase.

I came home with these awesome, vintage pyrex refrigerator dishes:

A little online research has led me to understand that these dishes are from around 1959, and the pattern is called ‘Buttercream’.

My set includes 2 smaller dishes that size about 3 inches wide x 6 inches long x 2 1/2 inches deep:

And, 2 larger dishes that size about 6 inches wide x 7 1/2 inches long x 2 1/2 inches deep:

All 4 dishes have a glass lid, and everything is in excellent condition.

Aren’t they fun? I love them!

I learned with further online research that a similar set to the one I bought is up for sale on an online auction, starting bid of $80.

I bought mine for $20, so I guess I got a deal! I would have gotten an even better deal had my mom not bid against me! It was a complete mis-understanding. She thought she was bidding for me, I thought I was bidding for myself. When the auctioneer started and we both raised our hands the bid went $10, $20 – bam! bam! – I looked around the other side of my aunt, where my mom was standing, and gave her a “Quit bidding against me!”.  Fortunately, no one else bid up my $20 so that’s what I got them for.

And we all got a good laugh and a story to tell out of the incident.

I’m happy with my purchase, even if I paid double what I could have gotten them for. And, apparently, according to online auctions, they are worth far more. Not that I want to sell them!

I already have dreams about what I will make in them. Casseroles? Individual sized lasagnas? Oven baked soups? The possibilities are endless.

Anyone have a favorite casserole recipe? I’m ready to break these babies in!



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