A Year of Books

When the E-Reader first came out, admittedly, I snubbed my nose at it. A device that would replace books? Yea, right. What a stupid idea. I vowed to skip right over this idea without ever giving it a chance.

Then last summer I found myself with a lot of down time. My grandfather wasn’t well, and my family and I had a lot of time just sitting around. Playing the worst waiting game, Ever.

During some of this down time I needed something to occupy (aka: distract) myself, so I grabbed my aunt’s kindle.  It didn’t take long before I finished off an entire book. And, as you might have guessed, I determined the E-Reader wasn’t so bad after all.

During this same time I celebrated my 29th birthday. By celebrate, I mean it came and went. Just another day. It’s difficult to get excited about a birthday (and, typically I do about mine) when you’ve just buried someone you love.

My dad asked what I wanted for my birthday. I had no idea. I hadn’t given it much thought. I told him about the E-Reader and how I thought maybe I wanted one of those. He got right on it and about a week later, one showed up at my front door.

My aunt jumped in and bought me a cool green case, with the reading light. Additionally, my Kindle was bought on my aunt’s account. She reads a LOT (and even if she’s not found a lot of time to read she still buys tons of books) and because I’m on her account, I have access to her ‘library’.

I’ve grown to love my Kindle.

I thought I would miss holding an actual book; I don’t. The Kindle travels with ease (SO much easier than lugging books around). Once I finish a book I can download another in a matter of minutes. I tend to get through books a bit quicker. The battery lasts a really long time (in a year I’ve only had to charge my Kindle maybe 5 times). I could go on, and on…

It has been about 1 year since I got my kindle, and I’ve read 12 books. Not too shabby for a girl who really only reads a bit before closing her eyes for the night.

I have a rule about books and it goes like this: there are far too many books in the world, I will never get to them all. If a book doesn’t grab me immediately, I’m on to the next. I don’t feel badly about closing a book after the first chapter and moving on to something new. For that reason, the reading list I’m going to share with you includes books I really enjoyed over the past year and would recommend as a good read for anyone!

The List:
Time of My Life: A Novel by Allison Winn Scotch
The Power of a Praying Woman by Stormie Omartian
The Threadbare Heart by Jennie Nash
Best Kept Secret by Amy Hatvany
Goodnight, Beautiful: A Novel by Dorthy Doomson
Deep Down True: A Novel by Juliette Fay
After You: A Novel by Julie Buxbaum
What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen
Falling Home by Karen White
The Beach Trees by Karen White
While We’re Far Apart by Lynn Austin
These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf

As we creep closer to the winter months it becomes important to make ‘indoor plans’. I hope you will find yourself with one of these books in your lap on a cool fall afternoon. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Happy Reading!

On a Side Note: I had pictures for this post. After spending an hour trying to get them uploaded with no luck I’ve decided to post without pictures. Any more time spent on this and I will tear my hair out! I’m not sure I’d look good bald AND I’ve waited a long time to grow my hair out so…there you have it.


One response to “A Year of Books

  • Lisa Ammerman

    Read them all, of course, since they were downloaded from my library! 😀 I was so against the e-readers when they came out, and yep, now my kindle is one of my favorite possessions! I’m so glad you are enjoying yours so much!

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