A Day of Beauty

Confession: I like to watch bad reality TV. It’s not that I feel a deep connection with these people, or that I really crave the content of the shows. It has more to do with my being so intrigued with how these people live that I’m drawn to the show(s).

Case in point, Keeping up with the Kardashians. Such an awful show and a LOT of drama and annoying-ness that sometimes almost sends me over the edge, yet I can’t get enough.

That said, watching the show has me dreaming about what it would be like to have someone come in to my home nearly every day to do my hair and make-up. It’s no wonder these girls look so good all the time. They pay big money for this luxury on a laid back Sunday, not just for red carpet events.

There will be one time in my life, and probably one time only, that I get to be pampered in this way. On my wedding day. I’m so excited about this simple fact that I could almost burst.

Add to the excitement, a childhood friend of mine who currently resides in Georgia and makes her living doing hair and make-up, is going to come all the way to Nebraska for my special day and pretty me up!!

Cayla and her family moved in to a house 2 doors away from mine when we were fairly young (Kindergarten, 1st grade’ish). They actually moved in to a house that was previously owned by my grandparents and where my mom lived some of her childhood years. Anyway, it became a second home for me.

Cayla and I grew apart after I entered high school (she was a few years behind me). Then, she moved to Georgia with her family once she had finished high school.  We re-connected a few years ago through Facebook. I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. I hate more than I love (another story entirely), but the ability to re-connect with people I would have otherwise lost touch with forever is a HUGE ‘LOVE’.

Cayla has a facebook page, a blog (the blog features articles she writes for a magazine in Atlanta – Beauty On A Budget), and a website for her business, Cayla Does Hair.

I am blown away by her talent (weddings, photo shoots, movies, you name it…)  and could not be more honored to have her participate in the most exciting day of my life.

Please check out her work, links are attached below:

A special thank you to Cayla. Seriously, looking forward to this more than you know!!

Honestly – I asked her about this before I was even engaged. AND I confirmed this with her before even having the date set after the engagement. Hair and make-up matters as much as the dress…and since I’m only doing this once it’s gotta be done right!



2 responses to “A Day of Beauty

  • Marian Tomberlin

    This is the COOLEST entry. I spent way more time than I have this morning reading Cayla’s site. The endless talent of special people increasingly amazes me. Aren’t you the lucky girl, Hilary, to have yet another talented artistic person in your life!

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