Bathroom Cleaning Made Simple(r)

A clean, organized house is one of my favorite things.  I grew up in a home where clean wasn’t an option, and while I used to gripe about the Saturday cleaning routine, I appreciate the lessons learned about a clean home while growing up.

Typically I enjoy cleaning, with exception of the bathroom. I never enjoy cleaning the bathroom…not even doing a quick once over. This is also the reason I never want to share my bathroom. Cleaning my own messes is bad enough, keeping it up for multiple people, no thanks.

I’m always looking for a way to make the bathroom cleaning chore easier, faster, less fuss. Have you noticed that sometimes you find an item you really love, and suddenly the company isn’t making it any more? This seems to happen to me a lot with health and beauty products as well as cleaning items.

Scrubbing Bubbles used to make a cleaning pad that attached to this little hand held spongy handle thingy. Add a little water, poof, it would suds up wonderfully and clean both the tub and shower in one fast swoop. Guess what? They don’t make it any more. Or, I can’t find it anywhere any more at least.

I’ve been disappointed with the discontinuation of this product, and it’s been gone for years as far as I know. Recently I stumbled upon this idea on Pinterest:

In an effort to save money, I’ve also been researching ways to make cleaning products at home with items that we generally have on hand anyway. Who needs to purchase a $4.00 bottle of cleaner when you can make your own out of stuff you already have? Not this girl!

So…this idea does three things that I love, 1) quick and easy clean of the bathroom 2) multi-tasking and 3) saves me money on cleaner.

This Dish Wand, typically used in the kitchen, has found its way into my bathroom. Wait, no, that’s not right. I don’t use the same wand in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Can you even imagine? Ick! I bought another wand, filled it half with white vinegar and half dawn dish soap (just the original blue kind). It has a permanent spot in the shower caddy of the shower and while my conditioner is working its magic the wand makes a quick swoop of the shower. At the end everything gets sprayed down and I emerge, not only clean myself but with a clean shower. When it’s time to clean the sink or tub (I have a gigantic whirlpool tub) I grab this baby out of the shower and it works wonders in these spots as well.

Here’s the thing that really grabs me though, I just stumbled upon this idea on Pinterest all the while I’ve been using the same type of dish wand in the kitchen. After dishes are washed and put away I always scrub out the kitchen sink with the wand. Is this not the same idea? Why didn’t I come up with this myself? Thank God for Pinterest. While it might be a huge suck of otherwise productive time, it tends to come through with ideas that make life easier or helps to pinch those pennies.

Do you have Pinterest? If you do, let me know. I’d love to follow your pins.

What cleaning tips do you have for making cleaning easier & faster and/or help save you money??

Here’s to sparkly, clean bathrooms AND to it being the middle of the week!


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