Disappointing Garden Update

As many of you are aware, I have been extremely excited about my garden this summer and have been sharing this journey with you.

I have sad news to report. Last weekend when I was out of town, there was an invasion of sorts (bugs) and I came home to a sad sight. The green bean and cucumber plants are done.

They looked like they had dried out. I knew this couldn’t be true because arrangements were made for watering to occur in my absence, and it rained while I was gone. Upon further inspection I found bugs. I believe they are the reason for this disaster.

So, with a heavy heart, I pulled up the beans and cucumber, and bug dusted the tomato and pepper plants so as to prevent spreading of this ‘issue’.

Then I came inside and turned these:

into this:

and it made me feel a little better.

I’ll probably feel even better when this homemade juice makes its way into a frosty mug with a bud light…and I can toast to the good that came from the garden before the bugs spoiled it all.

Happy Weekend, All-


3 responses to “Disappointing Garden Update

  • Linda

    Garden disappointments are always made better when something else has done well. I went out of town this summer and left my plants in the care of another…my tomato dropped it’s buds and I lost several plants…but some of the other plants had done so well that it made me feel okay enough.

    • simplyeclecticlife

      So true. I got beans and cucumbers before the bugs took over and destroyed them and the tomatoes are still going strong (hopefully I caught the bugs on them in time) so I can’t complain too much.
      Thanks for stopping by the blog, and for your comment!

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