Morning Coffee

4 summers ago when I bought Therapy House, I bought myself a Keurig Coffee Maker as a house warming gift. This is when Keurig was relatively new on the market, and I adored the idea of individual servings of coffee. Those K-cups were just too cute!

I don’t drink more than 1 cup a day, and the idea of getting to mix it up with coffee flavors as the mood strikes thrilled me. This small appliance seemed like the perfect fit!

I bought the small version of the appliance. The larger versions have a larger water tank and you don’t have to add water each time you make a cup. I’m forced to add water each time, but really, I enjoy this process.  The ritual of making my morning coffee sends a signal to my brain that it’s time to begin the day. It even made getting up for the job I didn’t enjoy (and no longer am at) tolerable.

About 1 year after owning my Keurig, something bad happened. It started out slow, coffee grounds in my coffee (yuck). Then it got worse, the K-cups were exploding inside the machine and sending hot water and coffee grounds all over the machine, counter, and (if I happened to be in the area) ME!

Talk about disappointed. I loved this machine. It was expensive. I knew I couldn’t just buy a new one. Sooo, I pulled out the owners manual and did what I could to clean the internal workings of the machine, along with the K-cup needles. I crossed my fingers, and held my breath. Nothing worked!

I finally bucked up and called Keurig. The woman walked me through the steps I’d already tried to correct the issue and to no avail. Then, the most wonderful thing happened…she offered to send me a new machine, for FREE! The newer model and everything. She only requested that I take the postage paid label that would be included and box the new machine came in to send the broken one back to them so they could investigate what was wrong with this possessed unit!

Happy Again!

Then, about a year ago, a friend turned me on to this little secret: I could buy my K-cups at a cheaper price! Always loving getting a deal, and saving money, I had to get the full scoop.

Do you own a Keurig? If so, you need to know this secret also. Green Mountain Coffee. (

Green Mountain really does hook a person up on the cost of their K-cups, here’s what I found:
1.You have to sign up for the “club”, which is no big deal, no extra cost.

2.The price per box of K-cups is cheaper than anywhere I could find around here (or in the city, for that matter) EVEN when shopping the sales.

3.The boxes of K-cups that come from Green Mountain have 18 cups in them, whereas the ones at the store usually have 12 (see #2 and add in these savings to that as well).

4. If you order 4 boxes at a time, they ship to your home for FREE!

5. The first time I ordered they threw in a box of dark hot chocolate and a travel mug, FREE!

6. Being a member of the club means that you select automatic shipping for your coffee order. You can change your order at any time. When they are getting ready to ship the next order you get a heads up email. You also select the frequency with which you want to receive coffee (every 2 weeks? 6 weeks? I have mine set at 12 – and you can change it any time).

7. Green Mountain has a HUGE selection of coffees, teas, hot chocolates, etc. You are sure to find whatever your heart desires on this website.

I love my Keurig Coffee Machine AND getting a deal on my coffee!

What helps get your morning started?



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