Game Winner Announced!

Thanks to everyone who gave the game, posted here, a shot. You all noticed so many changes between the two photos.

Indeed, the house has been through many changes. You hit on them all, here’s a re-cap of what you pointed out:

-Change of season (one photo was taken just before spring, the other mid-summer) so the trees have leaves, there flowers are growing and the grass is green!
-Color of house. When I moved in the house was a tan’ish color with brown trim. It is now Slate Green with white trim (and the finishing touches will happen soon).
-Front deck re-finished. The front deck was refinished last summer. I also added a flower garden in front and hanging basket of flowers off to the side. The bush to the right also got a trim.
-Color of roof. After a terrible hail storm 2 summers ago the place got a new roof.  And, an addition of a satellite dish that the previous owners didn’t have.
-Lack of gutter down spout. These haven’t been re-hung since we painted because they need sprayed white before going back on the house.
-Fewer bushes/trees. When I moved in there were bushes and trees planted everywhere. Most have been taken out.
-No more birdbath. There was a birdbath in a random spot of the yard, that the previous owners took with them (the first photo was taken before they moved out and I moved in).
-No more trailer, addition of Greenhouse. Toward the back of the house they had a large trailer that overhung the driveway into the yard. This is the spot where my garden is currently planted, and protected by my awesome greenhouse. Also gone with the trailer is the truck you can see poking out from the side of the trailer.
-One participant also pointed out the trash can sitting in front of the greenhouse. Great find! It’s actually the can my grass clippings go in to so they can be hauled to the city compost area.

So…for the winner!

There were 6 people who posted their finds in the comments section. I found a random number generator online and asked it to give me a random number between 1 and 6. It told me the number was 2. The second person to post was Amy.

Yay Amy! You are the winner!!

Send me your mailing address to & I’ll get a fun little prize sent your direction.

Thanks to everyone who participated. This was fun!



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