Are You Up For A Game?

I remember as a child really enjoying the picture games where you needed to find the differences between 2 pictures.

In an effort to take everyone back to a simpler time (which, I hope was your childhood — if it wasn’t, I apologize), let’s play a game.

Below are 2 pictures, can you tell me what’s different between them?



Leave your answers in the comments box for this post. And, because every game needs a winner, how about simply participating puts you in the running (well, duh) and on Monday (7/16) evening (dinner time, mountain time) I will choose a participant at random for the winner! The winner will be surprised with a neat little something that will come to them in the mail!

A fun game and chance at getting something in the mail other than bills & junk? How could you NOT want to play?

Tip: get your kids involved. Not only do they love stuff like this, they happen to be very good at it!

Good luck!


10 responses to “Are You Up For A Game?

  • Lisa Ammerman

    It’s summer, the trees are in bloom. The house has been painted (a very nice color, BTW). The porch has been stained. The ratty bushes are gone, as is the little pine tree. The trailer and truck are gone from the driveway. There is a greenhouse in the backyard, and plants on the front porch. A hanging basket beside the porch. The birdbath(?) is gone. The roof is new. The bush out front has been trimmed. and is that a satellite dish on the roof?? (And, bonus to me, because I know this house—the siding on the garage has been hailed out and the back deck has been stained, and there is a cute little flower garden in the back corner of the yard πŸ˜€ )

    VERY FUN post! Great idea!

  • amy

    I see lots of changes and a lot of work you have done on the therapy house πŸ™‚
    The obvious is, it’s summer in one πŸ™‚
    you have painted the house and the deck, removed 3 random bushes and a pine tree, planted some plants in front of the deck and hung a plant stand, removed a bird bath and a trailer and added a greenhouse. It also looks like you enjoy dishnetwork at times which was not part of the previous decor.
    Enjoy all your hard work Hil!

  • Kari Mueller

    In the second picture, there are less trees and bushes, the sun is out, new roof, new paint on house, no brown trim around windows, no snow, hanging flower basket, beautiful green grass, and a green house without a white storage trailer in front of it. The only thing I see missing from both is my cute little bistro table and chairs….or at least the one I want:) I bet there is a nice lawn table and chair set on the back deck with a possible new coat of stain on it πŸ™‚

  • Cassie shaw

    -Summer time, no snow on the ground.
    -Grass is green.
    -Trees are in bloom.
    -House is painted.
    -Roof shingles are a different color.
    -The porch is stained to match the back deck.
    -The rose bushes are gone and the pine tree.
    -The trailer and SUV by the garage are gone.
    -The greenhouse in the back yard.
    -Trash can by the green house.
    -The rain gutter is no longer running down the front corner of the house.
    -There is a hanging flower basket out front.
    -The bird bath is gone.
    -There is a satellite dish on the roof.
    -There are two green pots on the front porch instead of the two blue ones.
    -The front bush’s edges have been trimmed.
    -The trim around all of the windows and the front door are white instead if what looks like maybe grey trim.
    -Also, I can’t tell what they are, but there are green plants of some sort on both sides of the front steps.

  • Karla

    Green grass, leaves on trees, two yellow pots on front porch, looks like snow next to sidewalk, one of the houses is green, one picture is taken in your favorite season and the other is not:) Thanks that was fun!

  • ourlifeinaction

    oooo – I love these types of games.The colour of the house, three bushes are missing, windows are painted and the fence in the back yard is gone. πŸ™‚

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  • Margarito Brett

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    • simplyeclecticlife

      Decks are great, and I agree that decks made from materials other than wood that are zero maintenance are the way to go (after re-finishing the deck I had twice, I can say that with a LOT of certainty). That said, those materials are VERY expensive and I think if I were to have stayed in Therapy House forever I would have torn the deck off and poured a large patio instead. Also zero maintenance and will last nearly forever.

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