Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, On The Grill

I’ve been hearing about people making pizza on the grill. Seems like such a logical idea, so, of course, I had to give it a try.

It wasn’t easy, and it didn’t turn out exactly as I’d have liked, but now that I’ve given it a practice run I think I can dominate this recipe the second time around.

The idea for cheeseburger pizza actually came from a pizza at a local restaurant. There were pickles on it and while that made me think twice, it was SOOOOOO yummy!

When I geared up to give this a try, I thought ‘what better pizza to make on the grill than bacon cheeseburger pizza, you know, since burgers come from the grill too’.

I started with the basics. Turned on the grill. Browned some hamburger and bacon. Chopped up pickles and fresh tomato. Grated cheese. Stretched a store bought crust on a well floured cookie sheet.
Yes, I know, store bought = lame BUT I was going out on the limb with this one and didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew.

Then, I threw the crust on the grill for just a couple minutes. This helped to firm it up a little bit so what I was working with wasn’t such a juggling act.

…and juggling act is not an over-exaggeration. Getting this baby from the cookie sheet to the grill was just that. I had flour up and down both arms, on my shirt, and face, and in my hair. If my neighbors were watching, they probably thought I was losing it.

Anyway, just a minute or two with your grill heat very low.

Then take the crust back inside and load it up:

I don’t take the greatest pictures so it’s hard to see but here’s what I have going on: sauce, seasoned ground beef, bacon, Italian cheese blend & cheddar cheeses, fresh tomato slices (seeded), and chopped up pickles.

This baby goes back on the grill until the top gets all melty and wonderful. Oh, and now that you’ve firmed up the crust you won’t create such a spectacle getting it back on the grill.

And you will end up with this:

Not too shabby.

Here’s where I went wrong though: the crust was cooking way faster than my toppings, thus it ended up browner than I’d prefer AND I actually took the pizza off the grill and finished it out under the broiler.

So, here’s what I will do differently next time:
1. I’m going to make several smaller pizzas. This is a good idea for a couple reasons: First, the smaller crusts have got to be easier to handle when getting them on the grill. Second, this can be made into sort of a ‘pizza bar’ if you are entertaining, or have a family. Put out lots of topping options and let your guests (or kids) choose what they want on top.
2. Heat up the grill, then turn it completely off for the initial bouncing of the crust off the grill. I think mine got too dark during the initial trip to the grill.
3. Less time on the grill for the initial hit – I think I actually left it on for a handful of minutes, next time will be 1-2 min at most.
3. Return the pizza(s) to the grill on a sheet of foil. I think the same crispy crust can be achieved with less mess, more control, and a little added protection from even the lowest burner flame settings.

Have any of you ever made pizza on your grill? Do you have any other tips, tricks, pointers?
Admittedly, I read about other people doing this but didn’t really read how they accomplished the task. Because, like so many men in my life, I wanted to try it without instructions first and see what happened.

Oh, and for the record, the men in my life are actually pretty good with this tactic to conquer tasks. As for me, I’ve not quite mastered it – yet!

Happy Pizza Grilling!

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