A Good Reminder

One of my very favorite quotes hangs on my fridge.

It offers wisdom, support, and hope during rough times and has been a good reminder for me more than once in my life.

As the devastation continues with the wildfires in Colorado, people struggle with illness, injury & disability, the heartache of losing a loved one, or the pain that accompanies all curve balls in life I am reminded of this:

Remember What Is Most Important…

It’s not having everything go right;
it’s facing whatever goes wrong.

It’s not being without fear;
it’s having the determination to go on in spite of it.

Remember that every day ends
and brings a new tomorrow
full of exciting new things.

Love what you do,
do the best you can,
and always remember how much you are loved.
-Vickie M. Worsham

I hope that where ever you are, whatever you are doing, whatever frame of mind you are in due to the curve balls of life,  you can find the bright spots in each and every day.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe weekend.
All my love-


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