Summer Confession

You may have noticed that I am obsessed with summer. It’s my favorite time of year, for loads of reasons. You might even suspect there is nothing I don’t love about summer.

I must confess, however, that there is one thing.


I don’t mind them when they’re doing their own thing outside, but here’s where we go wrong:

1) when they come in my house
2) when they touch me in any capacity

With an exceptionally warm winter this past year, and extremely warm temps already this summer the bugs seem to be out of control.

So…after a weekend spent combating bugs indoors – flying ants, moths flying around erratically like drunken airmen, and crickets (oh, and the little black bugs on my broccoli? They made a repeat appearance over the weekend as well) – I will be spending today on pest control.

Speaking of pest control, how’s this for sounds of summer?

That’s right ladies, and gentlemen, it’s a bug zapper. While growing up my father had one of these outside my bedroom window and its zappy ways lulled me right to sleep. I was so excited to get one of my own this year.


And pest control.


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